Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is McDonald's reading my blog??

Okay, I'm kidding... but I apparently enough people agreed with me and said something. I decided to get a large, and just pretend it was a medium, because I REALLY needed a coffee yesterday, and didn't have time to drive to the coffee shop. :) And guess what....

They got it right this time!!! WOOHOOO!!! McDonald's, you have redeemed yourself. I deem your coffee worthy, lol. ;)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Okay... I'm in

Recently, when I was reading Joy's Hope, she completely grabbed my attention with a post about quilting. She's attempted to start a quilt twice. Hey, that sounds like me. The best of intentions. It just seems like such a BIG project! But then I saw this quilt. It is stunning. I love it. I want it. I'm no quilter either, but I want it. ;)

So I'm joining this 'challenge' by Old Barn Co. and I'm going to make it!

Last year, I made these pillows for the couch. I'm pretty sure it's time for a quilt to keep them company. I'm always cold, and always need a blanket... so why shouldn't it be pretty? And just for me? ;) I have some of the fabric left... and this time I'm adding more pink. ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Another SWEET giveaway!!

Because I love you, I'm going to let you in on another giveaway! This one is from Trish, from Daisys & Dots. She is AWESOME! I used her cake for my in-laws anniversary party. Trish is from Holland, Michigan, so she gets extra props! :)

Anyway, go to Joy's Hope and see the details! You can win one of her buntings... adorable!!!

Okay, so I didn't finish ALL of them...

Well, a few days ago I showed you my patchworking... in the hopes that if I committed to finishing them on here that I would actually do them right away, lol. Well, I didn't get all of them done... but I did finish one!

What do you think? I think it turned out beautiful! I just love the Andalucia fabric in the middle. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gotta love a belated birthday gift...

My birthday was back in April. I got lots of wonderful gifts, and was thrilled with all the well wishes I received! I thought nothing of the fact that I didn't receive something from my friend Catherine... we rarely get to see one another in person, and tend to be online friends. :) But today she showed up at the Farmer's Market with fun presents for my birthday!!! WOOHOOO!!!

She knows me so well. :) Can you believe she made these? ALL of them??? She totally rocks.

Love the words on the front. :) And the purse!!

And the earrings. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I bought a pair of these in red a few months ago and they are my favorite. Unfortunately they only go with a couple of things I own.... but now I have blue!!!! And I own lots of blue clothes. :) I am in birthday present heaven...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of my new pouches...

These are the size I spoke of yesterday... with a little wristlet so that you can use it in you purse... or carry it alone if you need to!

I will also be making a very the same size sans wristlet... for those who want a less expensive option. :) Soon, there will be a smaller version for change and other necessities, and for those of us who carry an itty purse every once in a while.

I will have 15 available at the Metro Market tomorrow, and whatever makes it back home will make it onto Etsy shortly!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Opinions Please!!!

A while ago, I decided that I would like to add different accessories to the shop. Purses are great... but I love the little accessories! I decided to start making some pouches. Great for a makeup bag, or some small items for your purse. I love anything that helps organize. :) So here is my new pouch...

I have issues wasting my favorite fabrics, so I decided that on my first go round, I would use something simple. ;) I would have cried if it didn't work, and I had wasted some Amy Butler or Anna Maria Horner fabric! ;) So don't fret.. future version will have my usual fun style!

What do you think? The finished size is about 8x5 inches. Would you prefer larger? Smaller? Longer? Shorter? I'd love to hear your input!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I love Memorial Day. The weather is usually nice, the company is good and it celebrates the right things. :) Today we went to a parade in our little town. I am always amazed by how long it is! It begins with Veterans leading the way. Of course, I don't have a picture becuase frankly, I was CLAPPING! These men and women amaze me. They, and their familes, sacrifice so much for this country, and I try so hard to not take it for granted. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel whenever I see a military uniform! So if you, or someone you love helps to keep this country safe... THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. :)

After the veterans, we have some amazing 'acts'. :) We have the typical Fire Engines

(They are loud, and that's why my kids have this look on their faces!)

And some Go Carts, which are my kids favorite, lol.

Cheerleaders that do flips...

And apparently Llamas???? We keep things exciting here in Jenison!

The kids had a blast! And got a TON of candy. :)

On a nice note, when we were walking home from the parade, I asked the kids if we had everything. Davis said, "Do we have my candy? And... my candy? And, um, my CANDY?" lol, because, obviously, during a parade the candy is very important. :) And Haley replied, "So you just went for the candy?" And he just sort of smiled. Then Haley said "I went for the candy, but I also went for the soldiers... mostly the soldiers". OH MY GOODNESS I AM DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!! :) Davis is only 8... the concept of freedom, and those who keep us safe is a little bit too big of a concept for him to appreciate. But Haley is 11 and I think she's really starting to get it. :) And that makes me really, really proud. :)

P.S. I just found out they were ALPACA, not Llamas. Hey, that's still keeping things exciting here in little ol' Jenison. ;) I was amazed that they were not skittish! The horns were going off, kids were running to get candy, and they were just fine. Amazing. We had Greyhound Dogs too. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


On friday night Davis had a sleepover. They brought him back on Saturday at 5 pm. Wow! Those are some cool parents, lol. The kids must have been getting along really well! Anyway, I got alot done while he was gone!

A fellow etsian showed me a process last year of how to make patchwork in a way I'd never seen. I talked about it in this post, and again in the next post. :) Amy makes beautiful jackets, and I decided to make the process my 'own' by using it for totes. After purchasing an entire roll of fusible fleece for my new style purse, I decided it might be time to do some more patchworking. :) I love that with this process I can use all of my unused scraps, and put all of my favorites together on one big tote!

For this one I based all of the colors on the Andalucia Fabric.

This one seems so sweet to me. It makes me think of a little baby girl. Perhaps it will be a diaper bag? Hopefully tomorrow I'll have full pics of finished bags. :) I pieced 4 large totes 1 small one! Now to put them all together. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Amazing Giveaways...

Seriously, you have to jump on these two, lol. Two amazing shops, two amazing ladies. If you are like me, and like to read blogs, these are two that you should take the time to read!!!

Crystal at Little Bit Funky has a Giveaway from Joy's Hope...

And Julie at Joy's Hope has a Giveaway from Little Bit Funky. I desperately want both. :)

Enjoy! If you win, you can thank me later. :)

8 Days

I was on the phone with a mom of one of Davis' friends, and she said "8 days of school left" and I think my heart stopped, lol. They have a 4 day week next week, and then a 4 day week the next... and they are done. Here's the reason for my panic...

1. I have yet to make the teachers their totes as their gifts. Time to get sewing. :)
2. This means that Davis is in 3rd grade as of 2 weeks from now. Wow. He is my baby... how did he get so big?
3. Haley will be in 6th grade!!! Oh. my. goodness. Lucky for me, in Jenison 6th grade is still Elementary School. I am not yet prepared for a Junior Higher. I remember junior high. It's not pretty, lol.
4. Our school secretary, and my personal hero, whom my kids ADORE is retiring. She used to camp with Ross' parents, so to Haley that is just the coolest... they've formed a special bond. I am so sad to see her go. :( What kind of gift do you gift for such a special woman?

So I think I need to get off the computer and get sewing those gifts! lol

Friday, May 22, 2009


All the cool kids are doing it. ;) I have been enjoying friends and family on Facebook for several months now... but I always feel pushy if I mention my business. Recently, when I was very excited about my new line of purses, I posted some pics on Facebook. I was AMAZED at how few people knew that this is something I do! I feel like I try to share it with everyone... but don't want to be a 'saleswoman' all the time. Anyway, I decided to create a Fan Page on Facebook for A Window Into Whimsy. Feel free to become a fan! That way I can update people on shows, post some new pics, and generally network without being pushy! :) Come visit with me!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Look

So what do you think of the new look? I am still tweaking it. But I wanted something fun! This seems to be that. ;) Tell me in the comments what you think! I'd love to hear from you!

Does this seem okay to you?

The other day the kids and I went through McDonald's to get them a little treat. I got them each an ice cream cone, and got myself their new Caramel Frappe. It is a blended coffee drink. I was actually quite excited, as I LOVE my Caramel Big Chill at Biggby, a local coffee shop... but thought it would be nice to have another option, since McDonald's is only a block away. :) When I got it, there was literally as much whip cream as there was drink. I thought it was odd... but thought it was probably a fluke.

So in the middle of a sewing frenzy, I needed a pick me up and ran up to McDonald's to get myself some coffee. This is what I recieved...

Now, I did ask for light whip cream after the last time. I didn't want to have a mountain of whip cream... so that is why it doesn't go to the top. But if I hadn't asked for light whip cream... there would be as much whip cream as coffee. Is this their way of telling me I drink too much coffee? lol I feel like it is false advertising. If you tell me I'm going to get a 16 oz coffee... you shouldn't fill it to 12 oz and fill it with something else. Honestly, for almost $4 I felt ripped off. For $4 I can get a larger one at Biggby, and WAY bigger on Wednesdays when I get a coupon for a dollar off! :) Anyway, I parked my car and went and asked if this was some sort of fluke. The girl replied that no, that is exactly how they were told to do it. Does this seem weird to anyone else? Am I being a brat? Talk to me! lol

p.s. Disclaimer... we are the McDonald's test market, so if you don't have this in your area yet, that is why!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Admit it, you want one. ;)

After making the same style bag for about 4 or 5 years now, I was getting wrestless. So I started making lanyards, and badge reels, and wallets. And I love all those things... but a girl needs a cute purse to carry the cute wallet, right? ;) So I decided to come up with a new style purse. Here's what I came up with...

Now those are pretty darn cute right? But wait.. it gets better. :)

It's reversible!!! I can't decide which side I like better. I love the odd shape. And the length is awesome. The big strap stays on your arm. I carried mine out today when I ran errands, and I have to admit it, I love it. So just admit it... you want one. ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something that made me really think this week...

One day this week, I was at my local craft store. I was waiting behind 2 other people in the only line open... the return lane. I don't usually mind waiting, but the line was starting to get really backed up, so the cashier called for help. When the new cashier arrived, she asked for the next customer in line. You know where this is going. :) I asked the person in front of me if she was going to go over, and she replied that, no she had a return. So I started my way over. One of the ladies in the line behind me very purposely ran over in front of me. Normally, I wouldn't say anything. Who would it help? But today I decided to say it. "For future use, you should really let the people in the front of the line go first." I'm not sure what I expected her to say. I mean, what would I say if someone called me out on something like that? Maybe "You're right, I'm sorry. I'm just in a super huge hurry. Sorry about that!" But nope. She said, "You are not my mother, and I do not need a lecture". Really? Seriously? She was old enough to be MY mother, and I wanted to say "Apparently, you DO need a lecture on manners." But I simply replied, "I'm not trying to lecture you, I simply thought you should know." And I left it at that. I then attempted to check out my items. The cashier would not look me in the eye. She rang up my items, then handed me the receipts and said, "Thank you, have a nice day." I asked her if I needed to sign the credit card receipt and she said "Well, YES." She was already ringing in the next person. It was quite obvious that she didn't want to help me.

This all made me really think. I might not cut in line at the store, but what do I do that is similar? And if someone called me on it, what would my reaction be? I truly hope that I am the person that would apologize and realize that it was wrong. My other question to myself was... how would I treat someone that was trying to do 'the right thing' but made life uncomfortable? I didn't make a scene. I never raised my voice. But the cashier wanted me GONE. Sometimes life gets uncomfortable. What kind of person will I be when it affects me?

So I'm wondering... what things like that really bother you? Like when someone cuts in line? For some reason, that one just bothers me (when it is deliberate). I'd love to hear from you, and see if I'm a culprit of that irritating thing! lol

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Crafty Morning

For Haley's birthday, her Grandma Cathy gave her a massive bag of treats. Trust me on this one, the woman loves to find little goodies for her first 'grandbaby'. She knows how Haley loves to be able to give little gifts to people, so she gave her a bunch of crafty items, both for herself, and those she could make to give as gifts. GREAT idea! This woman knows her granddaughter. ;)

Well, the next morning Haley was bursting at the seams to use some of her new paints! So Davis found a wooden car that I bought him at a craft show, and Haley got out a magazine holder from her box, and they painted away. I had a crafty morning too! My friend Celene graciously told me the best way to make a cute clip board, and I made some for their teachers, and a friend. (Shh...don't their teachers, they don't have them yet! lol) ;)

I haven't seen the kids so happy in a while. I think my mom gave me a present with that birthday present too. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My kids are amazing...

So I never had time to post about it...but my kids gave me an amazing gift on Mother's Day. They remembered Mother's Day all by themselves. :) Apparently when they were on the bus the week before, Davis looked at Haley and said... "Haley, we have to get Mom something for Mother's Day!" They decided that the perfect gift would be a Webkinz so that I could have my very own account! They spent their own money (Haley spent her birthday money, how sweet is that? And I believe Davis still has to work his portion off with Grandma and Grandpa). I thought the gift was very special...they know that I love to look at the different animals with them, and think some of them are super cute. They also knew this was something I could share with them. :) We send things back and forth to one another, and are 'friends' via Webkinz. I thought it was super sweet that they picked something just for me...thought of it themselves, and then figured out a way to make it happen. :) I have amazing kids.

Haley was nice enough to take some pics for me. :) But then we did the one below so we could have all three of us in it. :) Ross came home for the day...but the kids didn't want to wait until noon when he got here, so we opened it first thing in the morning... therefore, no one else to take the picture. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Daughter Rocks :)

Today was my daughter's 5k for Girls on the Run. She has done one with me, and one with her Dad, but never just on her own. I am SO PROUD OF HER! She did it in just under 40 minutes, we think. Girls on the Run encourages the art of setting a goal (such as finishing it!) so they do not time it. But Haley and I are more into times, lol, so she wore a Garmin...but forgot to push stop, lol. are some pictures of my lovely girl, running in a 5k...

Here she is about 2 miles in... still smiling, still running. :) And yup, that's Davis' hand waving back. :)

Crossing the finish line! She did great! She got this running skirt for her birthday...but it was way too chilly, so we added some leggings. :) I love that look of determination on her face in this pic. :)

And here she is after the race, with the sign we used to cheer her on. SO proud of her! She did fantastic, and when she was done...she went to cheer the other girls on! That's the Haley I love. :)

And I just had to share this pic of Davis. When the girls were all gathered before the run, they did a warm up, all 450 or so of them. Well... "Girls just want to have fun" was on the loud speakers, and they were all dancing, and going nuts, and Davis gave me this look and said "That is just WEIRD", lol. He's such a boy. :)

And here's one of me and Haley, just about to leave. Proud Mom moment here. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Things I'm thankful for...

Crystal at A Little Bit Funky had a post about 10 things you are thankful for, and I thought I'd join in. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the things that are giving you a struggle right now, and you need a reminder of all that you have. :) So here we go...

1. My kiddos... waiting for my Mother's Day gift they got me... they spent their OWN MONEY to get me a gift, and are both bursting at the seems to see me open it. I am blessed to have kids that would do this at ages 8 and 11.

2. My hubby. I miss him.

3. My business, and my customers. I love doing shows and meeting all of them. They make me feel so good about something I love to do!

4. My friends. You know who you are. :) I have so many friends...both in real life and on this wondeful web, that have been there for me during a difficult time. (Ross is still out of work). Thanks for putting up with me even when I'm grumpy.

5. My new windshield...yup, that's what I said, lol. I have had a crack in the windshield in my car for over a year, and the flashing was coming loose as well. As a result, when it rained outside, well, it rained in my car too! When I found out that I could get it replace for a small deductible, I did a happy dance!

6. Music. Music can change my mood in a heartbeat. Put in a good CD and all my cares go away, if only for a short time. :)

7. My cell phone. Sorry, I know, probably shouldn't be on my list, but it is, lol. It keeps me in touch with those I love, and it makes it so that I can leave the kids for a bit and run up to the store to get some milk without worrying about them. :)

8. Sunshine. It was a long, long winter here in Michigan. I am so happy to see the sunshine out my window! My mood picks up immediately!

9. My sewing machine... I haven't named her yet, but she's my third 'baby'. lol I have a fabric obsession, and she helps me use that fabric as therapy. :)

10. Photographs. I love pictures. I love taking them, looking at them, making crafts with them! I tease my mom that it is because there are no pictures of me as a child (I was the third!) but really it's because I love to look at them and remember the moment.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What kind of coupon would you like to see?

In June I am doing a show at the Fulton Street Farmer's Market, where my Etsy Team will be featured. We are going to put together a coupon book for the first certain number of visitors. I would like to include one thing sale that is for the day, and another for an Etsy order. What coupon would you like to see? A percentage off the entire purchase? A certain dollar amount off of a certain item? Give me your input! I will probably put the same offer on here for my blog readers!!! Thanks for your help!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Why I haven't been posting...

So you might be wondering if I've fallen off the face of the Earth. ;) Nope, I'm still here, lol. I will be posting again now. I discovered that a person in my life was checking my blog anywhere from 1-6 times in a single day... EVERY day. When I started this blog, I was mentally prepared for people all over the world to get to know me through my words. Anything I would share on this blog, I would share with anyone in my life...and have directed family and friends to the blog to read certain stories, see pictures, etc. But I wasn't prepared for people I knew to check it so often. It felt very "Big Brother" to me. Once a day seems fair...hey, I'm a funny gal, lol. I'm flattered. But multiple times in a day EVERY day, seemed like this person was 'keeping tabs', even if that was not the intent. I know that I should feel flattered...but I needed to deal with it. ;) So now I'm back...

Tomorrow is Haley's birthday party with my family. Expect pictures. ;)