Saturday, December 19, 2009


STREP - Seriously The Really Extreme Pits.

Okay, I know it's not clever, but it's the truth. I haven't posted in weeks. I have been sick. Sick, then supposedly better but not FEELING better, then sick again. :(

I came home from the Lowell show December 5th feeling exhausted, run down and just not well. My throat ached a little... but for the most part, I was just bushed.  So I picked up my kids, (my amazing sister had even fed them dinner already!!!) and went home for a shower and a nap.  I told the kids I was going to lay down... it was about 6:30.  At 10 Davis woke me up and asked if they should go to bed. Wow.  Um, yeah, that would probably be a good idea.  So I got up and got them into bed, but I was shaking.  Big. Time.  I scared Haley... and if I'm honest, I scared myself a little.  If I had been with all "with it" I would have been worried. Instead, I went back to bed. At 9 the next morning I woke up to Davis playing on the computer in my room. So... that's like 14 hours of sleep.  I was still tired... but my fever was gone and I figured I had slept off whatever had been ailing me. 

On Monday I had to go to the Doctor for a mole that needed to be removed (not cancerous, but just in case!) and he took one look at me and started asking weird questions.  lol  He has known me since I was about eight... he knows when I don't feel well.  I told him the story of Saturday's craft show, and he ordered a strep test. Yippeee!  Yupper... positive. So I came home, took some meds and went on about my week. Tired, exhausted, and just plain beat.  That's how I describe how you feel when you have strep.  I finished up my antibiotic, but was still feeling tired. I figured it was because I just hadn't 'caught up' yet. 

Then this past Wednesday both kids woke up not feeling well.  They couldn't quite place it, but they just didn't feel well. In to the doctor. Yupper... positive again.  Fun.  "So, Doctor... are they going to give it back to me?"  I asked. "Um, not necessarily??" he replied questioningly.  Ugh.  I stuck my tongue out at him, because I knew he was just saying yes nicely, lol.  Two days later I was there again getting my own test, lol.  Again. 

So here I am, and I still have strep... and 1642 projects to get done.  So though I love you bloggity blog world... alas I have let you down.  Please forgive me. :)  I swear, I'll be back with some semi-witty banter soon. But for now... I'm going to go take a nap. Zzzzzzz....