Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For years the Jenison Public Schools have been ranked as one of the best schools in the country. And I have to admit... I feel fortunate to be in this district. When Haley was in 2nd grade however...we decided to do school of choice and went to an elementary school in the same district.... yet not the one in our neighborhood. There were many things that contributed...the largest factor being the principal and her lack of discipline regarding bullying.  I never regretted my decision, as I love the kids' school and teachers.

Today I drove by Haley's old school. And I didn't know whether to laugh... or be angry.  Here is what I saw...

Hmmmm.... pretty sure that isn't correct grammar. Let me be clear... I do NOT claim to have perfect grammar.  I also don't work at a school.  Is this really what we are teaching our children?  I wonder if they are trying to be "cool" and relate to the kids?  Can we not relate without teaching them it's okay to be too lazy to spell out the words?  This sign makes me sad.  And I'm REALLY glad we switched schools. Maybe you think I'm over-reacting... I see it as the first of what is to come.  :(

School Fun

Last night we went to the kids' school for an art and drama night.  It was fantastic.  Art is not Davis' favorite subject.. but Haley is more like me, and loves every aspect of artistic things.  She is in Drama Class at school and has been excited about this night for a while. I was so proud of  her. :)

We started out looking at some art pieces the kids made.  Be forewarned, I have misplaces my battery charger for my camera in the move (Insert gaspy cry here) and so I had to take pics with my phone.  I am trying to come to terms with it, lol.

Anyway... we started with our little Picasso...

Then we went to Haley's self portrait...

Can you see it above her?  I think she did an awesome job. :)

Then Davis and I went and waited for the drama club to get ready (and Haley went to practice).

We can't just sit and wait... we have to occupy ourselves by taking silly self portraits, lol.

Then came Haley's big moment. She has been trying to find her 'niche' for years, and I think we just stumbled upon it.  Most of the things that the drama club did was improv.... something that would absolutley panic me to my core.  Not Haley... she got up there and did her thing... and loved every second of it! 

Here she is doing the "Three Headed Wizard".  The audience asks a question... and the Wizard answers the question... but each "head" can only say one word at a time.  I cannot explain to you the wackiness that ensues at this point. :)  I was so proud of her.. she thought before she spoke... but not so long that it was awkward. She was witty... she was a star. :)  And I loved every second of it. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sneak Peek...

Earlier this week I was in kind of a 'funk'... and needed to do something for me!  So I got crafty... only it's not quite done. So here's a sneak peek...

Are you intrigued?   You should be... I mean, with all that aqua and red it has to be gorgeous, right? lol I'm putting some finishing touches on and hope to be finishing it up tonight. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

My bloggy/twitter friend Tia does this thing called Flashback Friday and I just love it. She chooses a picture from back in the day, and just talks about it. It is so fun to see older pics of her and her hubby... so I've decided to join in.  If you want to see hers, just click on the Christopher and Tia widget on the left side.  :)

This is me and my best friends at my graduation party. Joie is on the left, I'm in the middle, and her boyfriend (now husband) is on the right.  Number one, can I just say that I was so cute back then, and had no idea?  Does anyone else look back and think about how you thought of yourself, and realize now that you were so cute and just didn't know it? lol

Anyway, on to why I really chose this picture. ;)  Joie is that kind of friend that changes your life forever. I met her when I was in middle school... desperate for attention and having no clue who I was. Her family became my second family.  I camped for the first time with them.  I swam in their pool.  We convinced a girl in 8th grade that we were really twins, but that our parents were divorced, and we lived with separate parents. lol  I introduced her to Kurt, (on the left) and they are married now, with an absolutely adorable perfect little girl. I could count on Kurt and Joie to do pretty much anything for me back then... they were my glue. I'd date some weirdo guy and they still loved me. I broke up with Kurt's best friend, and he still loved me.  (Though I have to admit, Kurt and I loved to butt heads, lol).

When I married Ross I lost contact with alot of my friends.  I was in a different place... married, having kids, and they were all still in school.  Then Kurt and Joie got married, they moved off to California, as Kurt was going to an amazing school out here for acting. (He is amazing).  I lost contact with them for a few years, and it broke my heart.  But every time I would talk to Joie, it seemed like no time had passed. She knows me better than anyone else.  So... thank God for Facebook. :)  And blogs. Because now I can talk to her any time I want... and I get to read her blog. ;)  Some friends really are forever. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thanks :)

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday!  (And to whoever anonymously 'sang' me happy birthday in the comments, THANK YOU!) 

It was a great day.  When I got home, Haley had written me a poem. :)  On pink paper.... which just  made it that much better!  I have such awesome kids. ;)

I went in to work for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and then we went to Sonic.  Woot!  Who doesn't love a good ol thing of Sonic Tater Tots? ;) 

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! It's raining here. :(  But that's okay, because  my in laws surprised me the other day with the fact that they are coming home 3 days early... so it's time to go pack up the last of the stuff at the old house!!  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

My birthday is today!  And so far, at about 11 am, it has ROCKED!  :)

Last night, Davis said he just couldn't wait until today, and gave me 4 squishies. (See the Easter post if you don't know what I'm talking about!)  They were some of the best from his 'stash'.  How sweet is THAT?  Haley told me she'll have something for me tonight.  :)  

Then a co-worker Andrea gave me a card yesterday because she wasn't working today. How sweet was that?
This morning when I got to work, two of my co-workers sang Happy Birthday, and it was just awesome! Being a stay at home mom for so long... I was usually not with adults on my birthday during the day... so this was a treat.  Then my boss walked in and knew it was my birthday and greeted me with best wishes. WOW!  Then he admitted it was facebook that reminded him on the way here, lol.  Whatever!  It doesn't matter how he knew, lol.

Then Nicole (co-worker) came in and gave me a little bag of goodies!  Look at that cupcake card!  I mean, does that not just make you smile?  That thing is getting hung in my house for sure! :)  Along with the card and a Diet Coke (my drink of choice!) was a little Garden Knome named Norm. :)  He wards off unwanted guests for the new house. :)

Admit it, he's adorable.  Love it.

And just now, as I was writing this post, ANOTHER co-worker brought me a gorgeous Gerber Daisy, and a $5 gift card to Panera!  Hello wonderful lunch on my special day! 

Can it get any better?  AND Facebook keeps emailing my phone to let me know that people are wishing me Happy Birthday!  So I say you should celebrate today too!  Go get yourself something yummy, and say Happy Birthday to Karin! ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This Easter was our first holiday in the new house.. and it was a good one!  Ross was supposed to meet us half way, since he worked the night before and had to open the store the next day.  But after talking to the kids, they both agreed they would rather just see him later in the week (and have an Easter celebration then) and not have to be in the car for basically 6 hours on Easter.  So we stayed home, and talked to Ross on the phone.  Which meant we got to do our Egg Hunt here at the new house.  :)

But first things first... the kids had to open their baskets!

So the yearly dilemna at our house is that Davis likes to wake up with the sun, and Haley likes to sleep in.  This makes things tough when the Easter Bunny brings Easter Baskets and you are supposed to open them together.  So Davis came into my room and waited patiently until about 8 am and then we woke up Haley.
Then he hid under the pillows so he wouldn't sneak a peek while we waited for Haley to get some clothes on.
Then Haley helped him over to the baskets while he closed his eyes.  He likes surprises. :)

Then on to opening. :)  Ever see a picture of your child and are in awe their beauty?  That's where I'm at with Haley.

Then, of course, Davis started acting silly. "It's WHOPPERS!" said like Jarod the Infomercial Guy.
  Then it was outside to hunt for eggs!

Don't tell the postman... but yes I totally hid one in the mailbox. ;)

Davis just figured out what's in the eggs. :)  They love these things called "squishies". They come in a little quarter machine, and they trade them with kids at school (they are really pencil toppers).  I stood at that quarter machine for forever. I'm sure other parents thought I was nuts, lol. But the kids were ecstatic!

Overall it was a great Easter.  I was going to make a big meal, and then the kids both wanted weird stuff, like nachos. So I made EASY simple stuff for each of us that we really wanted. :)  No sense in making a big ol' ham if Davis really just wanted Chips and Cheese! lol