Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This Easter was our first holiday in the new house.. and it was a good one!  Ross was supposed to meet us half way, since he worked the night before and had to open the store the next day.  But after talking to the kids, they both agreed they would rather just see him later in the week (and have an Easter celebration then) and not have to be in the car for basically 6 hours on Easter.  So we stayed home, and talked to Ross on the phone.  Which meant we got to do our Egg Hunt here at the new house.  :)

But first things first... the kids had to open their baskets!

So the yearly dilemna at our house is that Davis likes to wake up with the sun, and Haley likes to sleep in.  This makes things tough when the Easter Bunny brings Easter Baskets and you are supposed to open them together.  So Davis came into my room and waited patiently until about 8 am and then we woke up Haley.
Then he hid under the pillows so he wouldn't sneak a peek while we waited for Haley to get some clothes on.
Then Haley helped him over to the baskets while he closed his eyes.  He likes surprises. :)

Then on to opening. :)  Ever see a picture of your child and are in awe their beauty?  That's where I'm at with Haley.

Then, of course, Davis started acting silly. "It's WHOPPERS!" said like Jarod the Infomercial Guy.
  Then it was outside to hunt for eggs!

Don't tell the postman... but yes I totally hid one in the mailbox. ;)

Davis just figured out what's in the eggs. :)  They love these things called "squishies". They come in a little quarter machine, and they trade them with kids at school (they are really pencil toppers).  I stood at that quarter machine for forever. I'm sure other parents thought I was nuts, lol. But the kids were ecstatic!

Overall it was a great Easter.  I was going to make a big meal, and then the kids both wanted weird stuff, like nachos. So I made EASY simple stuff for each of us that we really wanted. :)  No sense in making a big ol' ham if Davis really just wanted Chips and Cheese! lol

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A very nice Easter, to be sure.