Monday, September 22, 2008

I think I'll have a sale. :)

Well, I've decided to have a sale. But it's just a secret sale for those of you who decide to check out the blog! I will give you 20% off of your entire purchase at my etsy store (until September 31st) if you mention in the notes to seller that you saw this post. Simply go through with the order as normal, give me a note in the "notes to seller" and then WAIT for a revised invoice to pay the amount owed. :) Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So I'm pretty sure that Candy Corn is evil....

So, I'm pretty sure that Candy Corn is evil. LOL I am completely and totally UNABLE to look at a dish of Candy Corn and not grab one. Or two. Or usually three. I am so glad that it is a Fall thing. And you know, it's funny. They are not even that amazing, lol.

By the way, when I was taking this picture, Davis was utterly confused. He could not see ANYTHING on the table that I would possibly need to take a picture of!

Oh, and I keep reading all of these blogs (Little Bit Funky for one) that ask me what Fall Decorating I've gotten to. Well...this is it. Evil little Candy Corn that I eat every time I walk into the kitchen! LOL Maybe I'll go buy some little pumpkins.....


So I just heard I'm actually supposed to update this thing, lol. I'm sorry I've not been giving out the blogging love the last week or so. I have 3 shows coming up within a two week time span and have been sewing! Woohoo! Hopefully I'll get those pics up in the shop soon!

I just started making badge reels. Amazing how exciting it is to use up those little scraps of fabric I never knew what to do with before now!

So is anyone else needing to dry out? Was there an area in America that DIDN'T get soaked this last week? LOL My lawn went from brown to lush green. Now I need to mow it. I'm not sure if I'm happy with my green lawn or not, lol.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two posts in one...

Saturday was a beautiful day here in West Michigan. It was warm, but not HOT and just WONDERFUL after several days of rain. Luckily, that great day happened to land on the day I was doing the Garfield Park Craft Show! Cathy, Dulce and I had a great day! I think our work really compliments each other and so do our personalities! Take a look at our booth...

Okay you can't tell in that picture, but I had 5 hooks of key fobs. I had over 40...and have 8 left! Wow! Those shoppers loved those key fobs!

The above pic is a peek at Cathy's magnets and jewelry. I wish I had gotten a better pic. They are adorable!

Can you see the cute little sock monkeys? I swear I have never seen more women FLOCK to one thing! It is such a nostagic thing. They are adorable, and I tell you, if you have a child in you life, he or she needs one! LOL

And now to the second "post" lol. Because of this wonderful craft show....I never had time to post first day of school pictures! Here are the kiddos on their first day. :) I have taken a pic of them with this sign every year since Haley started Preschool and was nearly the same height as the sign, lol.

Davis is excited, can you tell?

And then there is my sweet girl. She is a little more subdued. :)

They both had a great day, and love their teachers. :) I found it a little odd to be home with no kids, frankly. LOL I have taken care of one of my best friend's kids for the past 5 years, so even when my kiddos went off to school I had a little one around. Well, her two older ones are in school now and need to have daycare closer to there. :( So here I am, with lots of time on my hands. :) I think you'll be seeing some new product in my etsy shop soon...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Had to share...

So my husband found this blog...and some of the entries are funny, but this one made me laugh so hard I cried, so I had to share. :) Enjoy.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tag, I'm it?

I was tagged at Penny's Blog, so I had better post, huh?

Four place I go over and over:

Field's Fabrics (local fabric store)
My in-law's place
Kids' school

Four people who e-mail me (regularly):

My mother in law
Yahoo Groups (yes, I'm pathetic)
My Hubby (really, he sends me stuff all of the time!)

Four places I would rather be right now: a beautiful sewing room with pretty cabinets
Cedar Point (I like to make my kids happy)
I can't think of any more...I'm pretty happy. :)

Four TV shows/programs that I watch over and over:
You know, there aren't any that I just HAVE to watch anymore. I loved watching the Olympics though, and now I'm lost with nothing to watch.

Four things I have for breakfast:

Well let's see, I'd LOVE to have Crepes every morning, but truthfully....

Toast with Jelly
Granola Bar (when I'm in a hurry)
Toast with Peanut Butter

Four animals I like best:
Anyone else's. :) It's not that I don't like animals, I just don't feel I should own them! Anything that scurries is considered develish here though, lol. I don't like mice, or hamsters, or well, anything that scurries. ;)

Four beaches I’ve been to:
Holland Beach
Grand Haven Beach
Muskegon Beach
LOL...okay those are all the same beach, on Lake Michigan. I've been all over Lake Michigan, all the way up the side of the mitten. Other than that, I've been to Alabama and Florida, but couldn't tell you the name of the beach, lol, I am geographically challenged.

Tag 4 people:
This should be interesting. I'm new to blogging. :)

Can I just pretend I can't count to 4?'d think that that was the end of this post wouldn't you? But my husband is being sensitive, so now I have to edit. LOL Here, I was trying to be so nice and not bother him with such things...and I hurt his feelings. So now here we go...tag, Ross is it.

Ready for a deal????

This weekend I will be at the Garfield Park Craft Show in Grand Rapids. Come down and visit, mention this post and recieve $5 off of your $25 purchase! Sorry, only one deal per person. :)

I am sharing a booth with two lovely ladies, but I'm sorry, this deal doesn't apply to their wonderful wares. :) If you'd like to take a pre-peek at their items are their shops! The Monkey Shop and Lydia Layne have cute stuff for everybody...from baby to Grandma. Come and see us!