Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Random? Yup, that's me. :)  After a few questions from a fellow blogger I realized that my last post made zero sense, lol.  So... to clarify, the reason Haley is doing so well is that we started her on a new medicine for her ADD. I love it.  I love it because I see more of Haley and less of the medicine. :)  And because yesterday and the day before she had near perfect days at school.

Because Haley was having trouble getting things done at school, we started a check in and check out process at school.  She has to check in and let her mentor know if things got done that day.  She can get a possible 2 points for doing each item, 1 point if she did it but only partially, and 0 points if she didn't do it at all. There are categories for behavior, school work, and her planner.  For 2 days she has gotten 36 out of 36 points.  WHAT??  I know!!! She used to get in the low 20's.  I am so proud of her.:)  I don't expect perfection... but it sure is nice when it happens. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Haley Bedaley

Haley on Fourth of July, 2008

My daughter is an amazing girl. She is empathetic, sympathetic, and so brilliant it surprises me often.  She reads every chance she gets, and it shows. She will routinely tell me things that I had no idea were true.  About History. About Science. About Animals. About everything.

Haley and I on our Disney Cruise, February 2009

Unfortunately for her, she was also diagnosed with ADD when she was in third grade. For years we had teachers and administrators go back and forth. One would say, "Absolutley yes, there is no doubt in my mind" and the next would say the opposite. We ended up having the district psychologist observe her. Twice.  The fact that she was spending 3 hours an evening doing 15 minutes of homework was what convinced me.  I knew she needed help. We tried some of the non-medicine solutions and nothing worked. We decided to help her with meds. 

And boy, did we see a difference!  The girl we knew was in there was able to shine.  :) 

Haley and her cousin Lauren, Summer of 2009

Over time we noticed that her anxiety (my entire family has anxiety and OCD tendancies) was hyper sensitive when she was able to focus better. Things that had bothered her before were now giving her true, around-the-clock worries.  She worried about Hurricanes and Tornadoes.  She worried about spiders.  She was already seeing the school social worker for dealing with some of her medical issues and the mental anxiety that comes with it. We decided to start her on an anti-anxiety med.  It was amazing.  She was SO much happier!!  We couldn't believe it could be this easy. My nephew had had to try several meds in order to get such results.  We were thankful. 

Haley on the first day of school, 2009

But looking back over the last few years, we realized that Haley had become VERY self critical, and critical of those around her. One day, when speaking with her social worker, she was able to give advice to her fellow students, the next day she had lost all empathy. We couldn't figure it out. After speaking to her third grade teacher (who Davis now has) we realize that she had never done that before 4th grade... when the meds were fully integrated into her life and body.  We thought a change of meds may help.

All along, I've asked Haley if she liked or disliked the meds. She always said that she liked that it helped her focus.... that she was able to get done the things she was interested in.  Now it was time to give something else a try.  The VERY FIRST DAY she said she felt more confident.  The next day, she was on the computer and having a snack. When she was done... she got up... went to the kitchen and disposed of her bowl... then returned to the computer. I cannot tell you what a VICTORY this was. No argument... no nagging. It may seem simple, but it made me rejoice. I feel like I can see more of HER now.  My sister put it well when she said that on the other med, it was almost like she was just treading water... trying to survive. Now she is able to relax... and be Haley.  Can I get a WOOT WOOT?

Haley on Christmas Eve 2009

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Davis' Birthday

So, in the midst of being sick, Davis had a birthday. He is 9 years old. *tear*  My baby is getting big.  He is unlucky to have a birthday that is just 5 days after Christmas. But lucky enough to have a mom that tries to make sure it's still special. We tend to stretch it out over a couple of weeks so that he's not opening all of his gifts at once. 

First, he got to go shopping with Grandma before she and Papa headed back to Florida until spring. He picked out Legos. Suprise Surprise, lol.  Here is is, with the Legos from Christmas and his first round of Birthday...

No, I'm not sure why he's not wearing a shirt. Scratch that. I'm not sure why I didn't make him put a shirt on.  He never takes his shirt off at every possibility.

The day of his actual birthday, we decided that Chuck E Cheese was just the right option.  We called up his best friend Chap and headed there!  These two are so much alike it is ridiculous.  They love the same food... hate to try new food. And oh, the jokes. They CRACK ME UP. Seriously.

Right up until he does stuff like this, lol. Don't mess with my pictures buddy!  This would have been so cute!
Then the next weekend Ross was able to come in to town to celebrate.  (For those of you just joining in, my husband is living in NY state working, because he was laid off here in MI last year.)  Davis was ecstatic. We decided to go bowling and spend the day having fun.

This past weekend we had his final party. Yes, that means we spread it out for like 3 weeks.  It's a bit extreme... but we like it that way. :)  My side of the family came over and we had a Lego cake, ice cream and lots of fun. :) 

My friend from work made the cake. Isn't it cute?  It got a little "wrinkled" because it was left in the car and froze, lol.  Welcome to Michigan. I still loved it.. and Davis didn't know the difference. And yes, yes he DID choose the blue. I think he wanted us to all have blue teeth. ;)

Yes, I still have Christmas stuff up. Don't judge. lol  I usually have it all down the first week of January. Funny what happens when your children are continually sick and your husband lives in another state. ;) 

I'm happy to say that Davis had a great Birthday.  And added plenty to his Lego Collection. Which for him, is PURE BLISS. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm It

Celene over at Maria Soleil tagged me on her blog. I wonder if she thought I'd notice? lol  I've been so bad about blogging! But I figured that was just the reason to do it. :)  The challenge is to write about seven things you might not know about me. Hmmmm....

1.  In high school I was really into singing. I made State Honors Choir, sang in a local Music Society and paid for private lessons by babysitting for my vocal teacher's children. I haven't sang in front of anyone but my children in at least a decade.  Haley says I have a pretty voice though. ;)

2.  I have enormous feet. No, not like, oh, they're kind of big type feet. Enormous. And they grew after Davis was born.  I wear an 11. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find shoes in a size 11? In Dutch country? Ugh.

3.  This one is sort of odd... it's something I didn't really know about MYSELF.  Recently I've discovered that there are multiple people out there that find me intimidating. It's funny... because I try to be a very soothing person. I try to listen... and try to think before I speak.  I am completely fearful that I will offend someone.  But apparently I put on a big front. The girls at work think I am a confident, "go get em" kind of a gal. Who'da thunk it?

4.  I heart coffee mugs. Like, I have an obsession.  Big Cappucino mugs?  Even better.  LOVE EM.  Have you been to Hobby Lobby lately?  Ultra cute mugs right now. For reals.

5.  I love my job. I would hang out there if I could. It's sort of weird.  I work at a retirement community. But this is no normal senior community. These are ACTIVE residents... they certainly don't need any help from me. But they come around and we chat.  One resident is teaching me Dutch. He is HILARIOUS.  He said that he was scared my husband was going to worry where I was learning all these crazy sayings. lol 

6.  I LOVE it when customers read my blog. I am honored.  I am ecstatic. One gorgeous red head (Hi Courtney!) says she's my stalker. It cracks me up. Little does she know I stalk about 20 blogs, lol.

7.  Secretly... I think I'm pretty. Actually, if I'm honest, I think I'm one of those people that people see and think "She'd be really pretty if she lost some weight".  I'm not proud of that.  But I'll admit it. But that's why I'm working out... and getting healthy. I'm going to be one hot momma! ;)

Okay... so now to tag some fellow bloggers.  Tia has already tagged Celene, and she already tagged Catherine.  Hmmmm....

1.  Amy... who makes some of the most amazing beadwork.  EVER.  She amazes me.
2.  Marybeth... who makes some SWEET purses...and other sewn items.
3.  T... who does things with paper I can't imagine attempting. :)
4. and Courtney... the cutest, sweetest stalker ever. ;)  (oh, and her blog has some great ideas, lol)

As if Strep wasn't enough...

My son has looked like this for several days...

He hasn't been himself for a good 3 weeks.  First we thought it was strep... again.  But they did the test and he was negative. But he stayed in bed, and was generally just exhausted. This is the boy who gets up and wakes me up at 5 am most mornings.  He is no woos... he doesn't want to miss a gym day at school even if he's puking! lol  So when he was playing Legos with Haley and said he needed to rest, I knew things had reached an all time low.  We went off to the doctor... with BOTH kids because neither felt well. They suggested bloodwork to make sure he didn't have mononucleosis.  Fortunately, that came back today and he doesn't have it.  WOOT!  Unfortunately, he's added fever, achey tummy and a sore throat to his exhaustion. I'm hoping he's better by Monday.  For both our sakes.  Poor guy!

And then there is this girl....

There is no way she's going to be left out, lol.  She tagged along to the doctor for her own ailments.  First, she had to get another strep test, since she had it twice in a month.  They wanted to make sure she had kicked it.  (No word on that, yet).  Now as though that's not enough, she thought that a bladder infection would really liven things up.  She gets them FAR too often.  We knew right away. She said "My bladder hurts".  What other 11 year old knows where her bladder is? lol  So in spite of the fact that she was on antibiotics for basically a month... she managed to develop a UTI.  Then... her brother decided to share. :)  She doesn't have a fever, and is recovering SIGNIFICANTLY better than he is... but she has the sore throat.  I'm waiting for it to hit.  Of course... she is also WAY better at resting than he is. A good (or mediocre, frankly) book is all she needs. :)

Now for the really important part of the post.  Pray for me. Cross your fingers.  Whatever. Do it all, lol. I can't get sick.  My fingers, toes, legs, and arms are all crossed. lol

p.s.  I'm keeping the giveaway open until February 1st.  Haven't entered yet?  Go HERE!

Monday, January 18, 2010


So... you  may not know this... but my son is hilarious.  He cracks me up on a daily basis.  Who knows... I might be biased...but it doesn't matter.  He makes me smile. 

Here are some Davisisms...

Me:  Grandma sent you some hockey pj's... aren't they cool?
Davis:  They are hockey??
Me:  Yes!  Don't you see the little hockey puck?  The mask... (Pointing)
Davis:  Oh, yeah!  And they are red for the blood, right Mom? 

Davis:  Mom, can we buy cubed cheese so I can use toothpicks and eat like fondue???? (To be clear, the question isn't all that crazy... but the amount of excitement in his voice was hilarious!)

Mom:  Time to wake up for school!
Davis:  I already went to school in my dream!!! (As he pulled the cover over his head)

*drinking sprite* he says... Ugh... fumes from the sprite are painful!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Working Out

A few years ago I started to get into shape... I did a few 5K's and was running fairly regularly.  I loved the way I felt... but hated running. Sorry runners... I still think you're crazy.  Maybe I'll change my mind someday, but for now, I just don't dig it.

So frankly... I stopped. I started by just not exercising... then slowly my very bad habits all came back.  And so now... I'm trying again.

I went to the gym twice this week.  I biked, I treadmilled, I even lifted a few weights.  And I ate salad.  Wow, haven't had salad in a LONG time, lol. But it was pretty yummy. :)

For years I have gone back and forth about weight... in my head.  Part of me says that if people are decent, they will see past my weight and see the real, awesome me.  And I think I hid behind that for a long time.  And it's true... those are the types of people we want around us right?  But really... that's an excuse... even if it was not a consious one.  The other part of me thought about how nice it would be to shop at any store I'd like to shop at. :)  Or be the Hot Mom, lol.  But really, at this point, I'm doing it for my health. I'm happier when I work out. I am more productive, and I feel better... mentally and physically.  So from time to time you might hear me talk about it... and update on my weight loss.  Maybe a picture or two. :)  Anyone want to join me? :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hanging My Head

In Shame. For reals.  I know.  My sister said she thought my new years resolution was to not blog anymore.  Ouch. :(  Yeah, I = Fail. 

So now that we have that out of the way, lol... do you forgive me?  Are you even still there???  Well, if you are... you rock. Seriously... because it's been way too long. 

Oh, and just so we are clear... the kids have strep again.  Just sayin'.

So... I'm thinking that if you have stayed with me, in spite of zero posts during the entire holiday season... that you might  just deserve a prize.  A Giveaway perhaps??? Yes!! I think that will do!

Let's see who's still there. :)

1.  Leave a comment here, saying your favorite item in the shop or one that you've seen/purchased at a craft show from me.

2.  For another entry, follow me on Facebook!  Already a follower?  Just say so. :)

3.  And for yet another fantastic entry... blog about the giveaway or mention it on facebook. 

Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry... I will use a random number generator to pick the lucky winner!

So you're sitting there, thinking, "That's all great and dandy Karin, but what are you giving AWAY???"  He he, if you are still reading, you must really love me. ;)

How about a $20 gift certificate??  You can use it to pick something on Etsy... or if you are local, you can use it at a craft show. :)  Life is good. :)