Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm It

Celene over at Maria Soleil tagged me on her blog. I wonder if she thought I'd notice? lol  I've been so bad about blogging! But I figured that was just the reason to do it. :)  The challenge is to write about seven things you might not know about me. Hmmmm....

1.  In high school I was really into singing. I made State Honors Choir, sang in a local Music Society and paid for private lessons by babysitting for my vocal teacher's children. I haven't sang in front of anyone but my children in at least a decade.  Haley says I have a pretty voice though. ;)

2.  I have enormous feet. No, not like, oh, they're kind of big type feet. Enormous. And they grew after Davis was born.  I wear an 11. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find shoes in a size 11? In Dutch country? Ugh.

3.  This one is sort of odd... it's something I didn't really know about MYSELF.  Recently I've discovered that there are multiple people out there that find me intimidating. It's funny... because I try to be a very soothing person. I try to listen... and try to think before I speak.  I am completely fearful that I will offend someone.  But apparently I put on a big front. The girls at work think I am a confident, "go get em" kind of a gal. Who'da thunk it?

4.  I heart coffee mugs. Like, I have an obsession.  Big Cappucino mugs?  Even better.  LOVE EM.  Have you been to Hobby Lobby lately?  Ultra cute mugs right now. For reals.

5.  I love my job. I would hang out there if I could. It's sort of weird.  I work at a retirement community. But this is no normal senior community. These are ACTIVE residents... they certainly don't need any help from me. But they come around and we chat.  One resident is teaching me Dutch. He is HILARIOUS.  He said that he was scared my husband was going to worry where I was learning all these crazy sayings. lol 

6.  I LOVE it when customers read my blog. I am honored.  I am ecstatic. One gorgeous red head (Hi Courtney!) says she's my stalker. It cracks me up. Little does she know I stalk about 20 blogs, lol.

7.  Secretly... I think I'm pretty. Actually, if I'm honest, I think I'm one of those people that people see and think "She'd be really pretty if she lost some weight".  I'm not proud of that.  But I'll admit it. But that's why I'm working out... and getting healthy. I'm going to be one hot momma! ;)

Okay... so now to tag some fellow bloggers.  Tia has already tagged Celene, and she already tagged Catherine.  Hmmmm....

1.  Amy... who makes some of the most amazing beadwork.  EVER.  She amazes me.
2.  Marybeth... who makes some SWEET purses...and other sewn items.
3.  T... who does things with paper I can't imagine attempting. :)
4. and Courtney... the cutest, sweetest stalker ever. ;)  (oh, and her blog has some great ideas, lol)

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RedHead said...

LOVED the "Stalker Shout Out"!!! And, in true stalker form, I have seen you in person and for what it's worth, I think you are beautiful just the way you are and you have adorable hair! Xo, Courtney