Sunday, January 24, 2010

Davis' Birthday

So, in the midst of being sick, Davis had a birthday. He is 9 years old. *tear*  My baby is getting big.  He is unlucky to have a birthday that is just 5 days after Christmas. But lucky enough to have a mom that tries to make sure it's still special. We tend to stretch it out over a couple of weeks so that he's not opening all of his gifts at once. 

First, he got to go shopping with Grandma before she and Papa headed back to Florida until spring. He picked out Legos. Suprise Surprise, lol.  Here is is, with the Legos from Christmas and his first round of Birthday...

No, I'm not sure why he's not wearing a shirt. Scratch that. I'm not sure why I didn't make him put a shirt on.  He never takes his shirt off at every possibility.

The day of his actual birthday, we decided that Chuck E Cheese was just the right option.  We called up his best friend Chap and headed there!  These two are so much alike it is ridiculous.  They love the same food... hate to try new food. And oh, the jokes. They CRACK ME UP. Seriously.

Right up until he does stuff like this, lol. Don't mess with my pictures buddy!  This would have been so cute!
Then the next weekend Ross was able to come in to town to celebrate.  (For those of you just joining in, my husband is living in NY state working, because he was laid off here in MI last year.)  Davis was ecstatic. We decided to go bowling and spend the day having fun.

This past weekend we had his final party. Yes, that means we spread it out for like 3 weeks.  It's a bit extreme... but we like it that way. :)  My side of the family came over and we had a Lego cake, ice cream and lots of fun. :) 

My friend from work made the cake. Isn't it cute?  It got a little "wrinkled" because it was left in the car and froze, lol.  Welcome to Michigan. I still loved it.. and Davis didn't know the difference. And yes, yes he DID choose the blue. I think he wanted us to all have blue teeth. ;)

Yes, I still have Christmas stuff up. Don't judge. lol  I usually have it all down the first week of January. Funny what happens when your children are continually sick and your husband lives in another state. ;) 

I'm happy to say that Davis had a great Birthday.  And added plenty to his Lego Collection. Which for him, is PURE BLISS. :)

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