Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry for the absence...

Sorry I haven't been posting! Between Christmas, relatives in the hospital, my son's birthday, and planning a trip to Disney (we leave on January 30th) I haven't had time to blog! I know, I know, likely store, right? lol I've already heard it from my friend Penny, so don't bother! lol

My husband has been traveling for work quite a bit this fall and winter, and I have to admit, I've been lax in shoveling lately. I was pretty good during the storms before Christmas...but then it thawed for a few days and I got spoiled, lol. So for the last several times it snowed, well, I just revved the car and plowed through! When I had to run to Target the other night, I actually got stuck in my own driveway. Yes, I know how pathetic that is. So I decided that today was the day to shovel. I was ready. I had my big huge mittens on, a hat, scarf, boots, two layers of pants, lol. And along came my neighbor. He is the BEST neighbor on the planet. ;) He brought his newly acquired toy, oh, I mean snowblower over and did my whole driveway! All I had to do was my walkway and in between my car and the garage. AMAZING!

Davis decided that he needed to come out and supervise, lol, so he got dressed and joined us. He immediately decided that standing in the path of the flying snow. Oh it was hilarious. He walked back and forth with my neighbor just to get pummeled! So here are some pics of my adorable son, and the best neighbor in the world...who not only snowblows my driveway but entertains my son! ;)