Monday, March 29, 2010

Filling it with things I love...

The one thing about this new house that has been interesting is trying to make it "mine" without it actually being mine! lol  We are renting at the moment, and that makes things interesting. I love me some color.  You all know that.  I mean, color is what makes me smile every day.  And though my landlord did a great job picking out colors (seriously, it's actually a really pretty color!) they aren't really MY colors.  Because my colors are a little out there. I know it. I love sunshine yellow, and apple green, and any and every shade of aqua.  What to do, what to do.  Well... go shopping of course!

This is the first piece I bought.  I splurged. I spent way more than I should have. But I was in love... and it would fit so perfectly on that little landing on the stairs.  Otherwise that's just WASTED space, right? I thought it would a great spot to stick our shoes, as our front door is just to the right.  I bought it at a little shop in Holland (Michigan) called Found.  All painted and wonderful and READY.  :)

Then I went on Craigslist.  I found some pieces that I painted.  (One was the table next to the couch in the last post).  Then I found an AMAZING deal on an entertainment center.  It was orginally a $1300 unit, and in perfect condition.  They had asked like $400 for a few weeks and gotten no response.  They lowered it to $100 and I was the first to respond.  Woot!  It took FOUR men to get into the house.  I tried to warn my brother in law... I still don't think he was mentally prepared when he came to help, lol.  But I love that I can close the doors and you don't see the TV.  Do you see the little magazine rack to the left?  Aqua goodness... just $5.  Do you want to hear the story?  Of course you do. :)

I was driving to Target, and saw a "Barn Sale" on the side of the road.  My heart started to flutter.  There were butterflies in my stomach.  They were still pulling things out. I called two friends to share the news. No, I'm not joking. This was a freaking AWESOME sale. :)  And first I found that cute little magazine rack.  *Happy!*

Then I saw this dresser... for $30.  Don't hate.  It is sunshine yellow. It is in my bedroom, and every morning it makes me smile.  My husband hasn't seen it yet.  When he comes into town (or reads this, lol) he is going to laugh.  I'd never get away with this if he had any say, lol.

The edges are all roughed up and vintagey.  It's perfect.

I ran up and asked her to hold it.  Then I found a cute little pink chair for $15 for Haley's desk in her bedroom.  She LOVED it. No pic today.. but I'm sure you'll see it soon.

Then I saw a little green shelving unit in the corner.  $15.  My sister called it "hideous"... which in sister speak means, I wouldn't be caught DEAD with that anywhere near my home, but it is so you it hurts, lol.  Apple Green Wonderful.  Rickety, with some of the wood showing from the paint wearing off.  LOVE it next to the brown dresser I painted for me room. 

I loaded all four pieces up in my van and went off to Target.  While there I kept wishing I had bought this little piece. (Sorry... will post a pic another day.. I'm at work and forgot to photograph this one) and so I stopped by again on the way home.  I asked for a price and it was a dollar. Hell to the yeah. Don't laugh... but it was a little rocking horse from probably the 60's.  It was aqua with a red seat. It has no purpose but to make me smile.  I didn't show it to my sister... she'd probably run screaming. lol.  Anyway, while I was there, yes, the second time, I called a friend to ask her to unload the stuff at the new house... and told her to meet me at the sale. Yes, I am an enabler.  She is so much better than me... she didn't buy a thing. But I saw a table and chairs that I was in love with.  I wasn't sure if it would go in the new house... but I needed a set small enough to fit in the eat-in kitchen.  I had decided to wait... until I saw this set.  I had the friend come and look at the house and advise me. I thought if I waited a bit... it wasn't an impulse buy.  And if I went back and it was gone... it wasn't meant to be.  The friend told me to go for it.  She's an enabler too.  ;)

I went back for the third time that day. Yes, the ladies giggled when I got out of my car. " I had to make room, you know!"  I said as I approached. The table was no where to be seen. When they saw my disapointment they asked which piece I was looking for.  "Oh, that's just inside.... we moved some stuff around!"  Can you say $65 for a table and chairs?  The cheapest thing I had found (ugly) on Craigslist was $150.  Jackpot!

Now I'm just deciding which direction I like it facing.  It may move around a bit before I'm happy. :)  But the kids love the bench and I love the color. Yes, my house now has every color of the rainbow, lol. And I LOVE it.  :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our First Night at the New House

So I'll admit, it happened last week sometime, and I'm just getting around to posting about it... but here are some pics from our first night at the new house. :)

When the kids got home from school a week ago last Thursday, I looked at them and said, "Okay, we're going to do it.  Help me get your mattresses!" and we loaded them into the van.  Earlier in the day I had bought Ross and I a new queen mattress and box spring and put it in our room (yes, by myself, because I am SO AWESOME!) so we were all set.  I had decided I would use the box springs from the old king size that Ross and I had used for 12 years.  They don't need new right? (They both used to be in lofts, so had mattresses but no box springs).  I had even mentioned it to a mattress guy and no one said anything.  Great plan RIGHT??? Um, nope, lol.  King beds are like 4 inches longer.  Which means when I got the mattresses and box springs over there (again, by myself because I couldn't fit the kids AND the beds in the van), and UP THE STAIRS, I realized what I bad plan I had devised, lol.  It wouldn't fit in the headboard/footboard.  I started cracking up, and took off the footboard.  In Davis' room I just didn't bring the box spring upstairs...

And with Haley's... well, I just dropped the rails on the floor and excepted defeat, lol. 

Those pics were of them going to sleep that night. I don't think they cared too  much, lol.  Davis said he slept REALLY well, which is great.  Haley and I woke up a few times but still slept well.  Weird noises in new houses!  By the way... for those of you with a well... does it make a knocking noise?  I've never had a well... and frankly, can't figure out some of these noises, lol. 

A few days later an AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL friend helped me moved our couch. It's a beast I tell ya.  It is a sectional... with a queen sleeper.  Um, yeah.  Men who I had told about it cringed at the thought. So us ROCKIN' women did it ourselves, thank you very much!  :)

I was SOOOOOOOOO happy to have a couch to sit on.  (please note, I was waiting to clean it until we moved,  hence the stains, lol).  I thought the kids would take their usual places...

But the both chose the floor. CRAZIES! But that left a big ol' comfy couch for  me, so I'm not complaining :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wait, what?

So... I came to my blog to let you know the progress on my move.  And then I looked at the date.  How the heck did THAT happen?  Has it really been a month???  I mean... I knew I hadn't been around, with moving, working and mom-ing (yes, that is totally a word, lol) but honestly had no idea it had been a month!  Eek!

So here's the update!  We made it!  We are sleeping at the new house... but half our um... 'stuff', is still at the old house. Eek!  Just a short couple of weeks and it will all be out.  I have A LOT to for a garage sale.  But I love that I am getting rid of things that we don't need. :) 

I'd love to post some pictures for you.. but I forgot some of the essentials at the other house... and can't get pictures from my camera to my computer, lol. :)  But hey, I came and said hello. ;)

Hope you all are doing well... I promise I'll post something worth while soon. :)