Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our First Night at the New House

So I'll admit, it happened last week sometime, and I'm just getting around to posting about it... but here are some pics from our first night at the new house. :)

When the kids got home from school a week ago last Thursday, I looked at them and said, "Okay, we're going to do it.  Help me get your mattresses!" and we loaded them into the van.  Earlier in the day I had bought Ross and I a new queen mattress and box spring and put it in our room (yes, by myself, because I am SO AWESOME!) so we were all set.  I had decided I would use the box springs from the old king size that Ross and I had used for 12 years.  They don't need new right? (They both used to be in lofts, so had mattresses but no box springs).  I had even mentioned it to a mattress guy and no one said anything.  Great plan RIGHT??? Um, nope, lol.  King beds are like 4 inches longer.  Which means when I got the mattresses and box springs over there (again, by myself because I couldn't fit the kids AND the beds in the van), and UP THE STAIRS, I realized what I bad plan I had devised, lol.  It wouldn't fit in the headboard/footboard.  I started cracking up, and took off the footboard.  In Davis' room I just didn't bring the box spring upstairs...

And with Haley's... well, I just dropped the rails on the floor and excepted defeat, lol. 

Those pics were of them going to sleep that night. I don't think they cared too  much, lol.  Davis said he slept REALLY well, which is great.  Haley and I woke up a few times but still slept well.  Weird noises in new houses!  By the way... for those of you with a well... does it make a knocking noise?  I've never had a well... and frankly, can't figure out some of these noises, lol. 

A few days later an AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL friend helped me moved our couch. It's a beast I tell ya.  It is a sectional... with a queen sleeper.  Um, yeah.  Men who I had told about it cringed at the thought. So us ROCKIN' women did it ourselves, thank you very much!  :)

I was SOOOOOOOOO happy to have a couch to sit on.  (please note, I was waiting to clean it until we moved,  hence the stains, lol).  I thought the kids would take their usual places...

But the both chose the floor. CRAZIES! But that left a big ol' comfy couch for  me, so I'm not complaining :)

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