Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wait, what?

So... I came to my blog to let you know the progress on my move.  And then I looked at the date.  How the heck did THAT happen?  Has it really been a month???  I mean... I knew I hadn't been around, with moving, working and mom-ing (yes, that is totally a word, lol) but honestly had no idea it had been a month!  Eek!

So here's the update!  We made it!  We are sleeping at the new house... but half our um... 'stuff', is still at the old house. Eek!  Just a short couple of weeks and it will all be out.  I have A LOT to for a garage sale.  But I love that I am getting rid of things that we don't need. :) 

I'd love to post some pictures for you.. but I forgot some of the essentials at the other house... and can't get pictures from my camera to my computer, lol. :)  But hey, I came and said hello. ;)

Hope you all are doing well... I promise I'll post something worth while soon. :)


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear from you...miss you on twitter! Although I haven't been on much either. Hope all is well, can't wait to see some pics!

pamelama said...

I'm happy to hear that the move went well! :)