Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Fun Monday ;)

I just love the thought of Monday being Fun Day. ;) Everyone on my facebook account hates Monday, lol... so this is my contribution to 'give back' to the underappreciated Monday. ;)

Today was a little cool to go to the beach. I suggested we go to a movie, and discovered that Davis doesn't like to go to the theater??? Hmmm... interesting. They both agreed that the park sounded good. The park, on a day that I won't roast, and won't freeze watching them? (High of 70 today). Delightful!

I got this pic of Haley playing in the trees... I love it. It describes her perfectly...tousled hair, with a gorgeous smile. ;)

Got this one of Davis at the same time. Love that smile too. ;)

Hagar Park here in Jenison is a fantastic park... filled with an amazingly large wood structure, that you could get lost in if you weren't careful. ;) Surrounded by trees, and trails, it has somethin for everyone. They played in the trees and on the wooden structure for a while, then asked to head over to the 'older' area of the park... where the "real playground" is. ;) I say this because it still has a merrie go round, monkey bars and a very tall, metal slide. You know, the death traps that are the most fun. ;)

On the way over this toad jumped over Haley's foot! She was startled, but excited. She loves animals. I was mean and didn't let her take it home. ;)

Then we went down the slide. Okay, they went down the slide, lol.

And spent, oh, about 2 hours on the merrie go round.

Then climbed the trees some more.

On the way home Davis said, "This is DEFINITELY Fun Day Monday." :)

And the winner is...

According to poster number 2 has claimed the prize! Kelly O, you have your choice of a key fob, a tissue cozy, or a badge reel! :) Email me with your choice/address and I will send it out!

Thanks so much to all that commented... my booth at this Sunday's Market looked MUCH better! I had somehow forgotten (seriously) about all my tricks I use for indoor shows. I have boxes I use to add height. I have a silver shelving unit that I love. I had to dig in the basement to get them out... and my spot thanked me for it! ;)

On a related note... a tv crew came down to the market and spotlighted us on the evening news! And guess whose spot was on the segment? You guessed it! Thanks everyone!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I love my kids ;)

Davis was super bored yesterday, so we turned on the sprinkler. That got boring real quick, lol. So I (sarcastically actually) suggested they wash my car. They jumped up and down with excitement! Woot!

Then Davis set up a little spot on the trampline to relax. Here he is reading, and doing an activity book. :) Yay for playing outside!

The best part of my whole day? Not the free car wash... not even the fact that my son loves to be outside, and asked me to join him on the trampoline.

It was later, when I was sewing my little toocus off to finish some custom orders. My son asked me to come and hang out again, and I said I couldn't becuase I really needed to get these done. He smiled, brought me this...

and said, "Here Mom, now you can have a snack if you want!" and smiled and walked away. :) No, I take that back. Then he gave me a kiss on my cheek and walked away. ;) Man, I've got it good. ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Smiles

We have had multiple 90 degree days here this week. I was waiting for Spring... but somehow we shot straight to Summer, lol. I'm not complaining... I'd much rather have this than snow! But it's been warm. I almost melted at the market yesterday. ;)

What is worth leaving the air conditioning when the heat index is over 100? These smiles...

We went to the park on Monday and it was HOT. I made it about an hour, and then I started to get punchy. I had brought waters, snacks, a book. Life was good. But I was WARM. Then I remembered I had my craft show gazebo in the van. I felt like a fool with such a large 'tent' over me, lol, but I swear, I made it another hour and a half with that thing up! lol The kids had a blast.

My Davis is so silly, lol.

Haley LOVES the sand.

This is so much better than those days this winter that we weren't ALLOWED to leave our house becuase it was too cold, lol. ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Work in Progress

I was at the Metropolitan Hospital Market today, and had the chance to try out my new finds. It is so hard to get the right arrangement! I feel like I LOVE the pieces... but still need to find the right fit for each piece. Please ignore the cars, lol, it's a market, so you park behind your spot. ;)

The bird cage did a great job of holding up some wallets and some checkbook covers. ;)

I was able to find some baskets that fit in my pink 'swirly containers' as one blogger called them. ;) Found them at the dollar store! Woot!

And I went to the hardware store and bought just a metal rod to put on the Frito Lay Shelf so that I could hang some purses from it too. I need light, versatile pieces, so this is perfect. The funny part? The metal rod was $2.50... the whole shelving thing was $2, lol.

What do you think? Any thoughts? Do you do craft shows or markets? I'd LOVE to hear your favorite item from your set up! If you don't do shows... I'd love to hear what usually catches your eye in a booth when you go shopping. ;) On Sunday, I will use a random generator to pick one lucky winner from the 'tips'! ;) You will win your choice of a tissue cozy, a key fob or a checkbook cover! ;) Let's hear your comments! ;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm on a roll...

This summer I am determined to get us out of the house and DOING stuff. I find that on really hot days, (Like the 90 degree days we've had this week!) we sit and do nothing. I even put off turning on the air as long as possible, because I find it just encourages the laziness. You can't open the doors and send the kids outside... becuase you don't hear them... so we all just sort of sit around. After talking to a friend I decided that we would have certain days that would mean certain things to our family.

Monday? It's "Monday Funday" as the kids have so nicely named it, lol. They sit with me ALL day at the Market on Sunday, so I figured they deserved for the next day to be fun. This week we went to the local park to go swimming. Next week? Perhaps Lake Michigan... we shall see.

Wednesday is Library Day. My kids LOVE to read... Haley can spend hours with a good book with no complaints. Unfortunatley, I have problems RETURNING those books, lol. So if we go every week... those books can't ever be late right? Woot!

Thursday and Sunday are Market days. Booo for them... but yay for me! lol

You might be thinking... that's not all that much, lol. But we would happily be homebodies. I don't know if you remember my post about Festival? I offered for the kids to go back for the next two days... and both the kids said no, they were too tired! So we need some resting days too. :)

So today, we went to the Library. All three of us picked out some great books.. and the kids played on the educational computer games for a few minutes. Then we headed home. Well, sort of, lol. I got distracted...

Davis saw a garage sale and asked if we could stop to see if they had any fun toys. Sure!!!

And I found this adorable bird cage for a dollar! I forgot to take a before pic... but here it is painted a fun aqua color. I'm not sure how it's going to be used in my booth yet... but even if it just shares some character.. it's doing it's job. :)

Since that Garage Sale didn't have any kids items, we drove around for a few and tried to find something for the kids. Fail. :( Nothing fun for them... so we went to Walmart and picked up some 3-d chalk. SCORE! Now I can hit one more sale with no complaints, lol.

And I did. And I SCORED.

It is a Frito Lay Rack!!! It was um... ragged. Yeah, that's a nice way to put it. ;) So I painted this one too.

Do you see the clips on the side? How perfect! And shelves for wallets or small purses. I'm in garage sale heaven. :) How much? Oh, it was $2.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Congratulations to Just Jingle... who won my Giveaway over at Joy's Hope!

Thanks everyone for all of the bloggy love! It has been so fun to read some posts on your blogs, and read all of your wonderful comments! I tried to thank every person who entered... but may have missed some.... so if you entered... Thanks for playing!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another GORGEOUS Market Day

Oh, it is so nice to have SUMMER here! :) Here in Michigan, Winter really seemed to linger, and I was starting to worry I would never be WARM again! :) Today is a GORGEOUS day here in Southwest Michigan... 85 and full sun. Ahhhh... I'm not cold anymore. ;)

Last week I got in a little trouble because I didn't have pics... so this week I tried to take some. It was a nice, steady day of visitors, but not overwhelming. I had about 5 visitors that came by that I knew... and it was so nice to chat!! :) I love to chat. :) No really, if you know me, you know I don't ever shut up, lol.

Sorry, I got distracted. ;)

At this open air market, the booths are already set up with stationary tables. Honestly, that can make things difficult for me, since I usually use carts to hang things from. So I usually try to put one cart in front of the tables and and then use the tables as much as I can.
(Please note that I don't ALWAYS have toys on the ground behind my tables, lol. I ended up having anywhere from my 2 kids, to 5 back there at any given moment today, lol. Hey, if they can get along, and I can get some work done, it works!)

My fun new finds worked out GREAT! I painted them pink. :) I was going to use aqua, like one reader suggested, but I couldn't find a good one! I think hot pink works. :)

Wallets were popular today! Time to make some more! :)

My patchwork bags. But you've seen those already. :)

And something new!

Since last fall, I have had a few friends asking me about belts. Personally, I'm not really a 'belt wearer'.... no need to bring attention to my bulging belly, lol. I have also watched at craft shows while visitors try on belts that are far too big, or embarrassingly, far too small. So what do you do? Make 10 different sizes? Oye. I decided to do a Sash Belt. It is about 70 inches long, and can be tied to let hang. It is 3 1/2 inches wide so that it can be worn with a dress, or folded in half and put through your pant belt loop, then tied like above. For you super skinny girls, it can be tied into a cute bow! Even better? It can be worn around the head like a head band and tied in the back. Have a plain, leather purse? You can fold it in half and tie it as an accent on a handle! I'm trying to find the multitasking accessory, lol. ;) So what do you think?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mmmm.... Patchwork ;)

Well, I admit it. I'm still not caught up on my quilt. I know, I know. But did you see my last post?? How could I not use these amazing scraps, right? I had to make something, and I also had to practice free motion quilting before I put it all together, right? Right? lol Never mind that the quilt top pieces are not together yet! I had to practice...

This one is FUNKY! I like it and it bothers me at the same time, lol. My loving sister would freak out at this one, since it doesn't 'match'... but somehow that is what makes it work for me.

Mmm... Yummy Sandi Henderson goodness...

Pink Happiness...

And then some Amy Butler Bliss...

I had one similar to this at the market last week and it sold... while another person mourned that she didn't grab it first, lol. I figured I had better make another. ;)

For those of you participating in the Giveaway over at Joy's Hope... I will have these on Etsy in a few days, and you could win it! (Or anything else in the shop... since I am giving away a $25 gift credit!!) It is raining here today... so these were the best pics I could get... but as soon as those clouds go, these will all hit my Etsy Shop!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yesterday while I was running errands I saw a Goodwill store and decided to stop in. You never know, right? Well... I hit the jackpot. I got two of these...

I splurged. I got the pair for $10. As someone who does craft shows almost year round, I am always looking for fun ways to display my items. I thought that these would be great to use at the market (where the tables are stationary, and I can't use my standing carts), to hang key fobs and badge reels.

Who wouldn't love all of those little spots to hook things from? I love them! Now to make them my own. :) I love them, but the antiqued look doesn't really work for my vibrant colors... so I'm sure you will see them back on here in a few days, slightly altered. ;)
Ahhh, and you'd think that would be enough for a "Jackpot!" post, wouldn't you? But no... things got even better. My friend Karin makes AMAZING children's clothing, and had an abundance of scraps. Sometimes, you just have to purge, you know? So she called me. "YES! I'd love to take your scraps!" I had no idea, lol... but take a look...

Look at all of those luscious fabrics just WAITING to be made into a patchwork tote! Oh I get all tingly just thinking of it...

Look at all of those pinks! I think it might be time for an all pink patchwork tote.

Look at the variety! Can you imagine how long it would take me to aquire this many DIFFERENT fabrics! I am in heaven! I know I am supposed to be working on my quilt... but I'm feeling a little sidetracked, lol.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a Week! And It's not even over! ;)

The Fulton Market was amazing on Sunday. It was so busy that I feel like I just finally felt normal TODAY, lol. I woke up on Monday with achey feet, arms, and legs, lol. ;) I don't have any pictures... because I was so busy I didn't have time to stop! Woot!

Anyway, then I just got an email from this site...

That I am featured in a Wish List on their blog. It is a really neat concept! How often do you wish you could register for handmade items? I love Target... but when I got married I would have LOVED to register for items on Etsy! (We won't talk about the fact that it didn't exist then, lol). Well, this site offers just that. You can register for handmade items for your wedding! ROCK ON! Absolutely suggesting it to friends getting married. Anyway, they feature certain wish lists... and one of my bags was on it! Woot!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Now THAT is a good morning...

Today I was featured as an artist on Take Five on Channel 13 here in Grand Rapids, MI. It is a local show that discusses local issues, along with providing information about local entertainment and businesses. It is a fun local show! I am honored to have been a part of an episode. :)

Jennifer Ackerman from the Grand Rapids Press is the lovely lady speaking about all of our items. :) She featured me on her blog, CraftSanity last year. She is a sweet lady, who really appreciates the handmade movement. Today she was featuring artists from the Fulton Street Artisans Market, where I sell most Sundays during the summer. We will have over 60 vendors this Sunday, so if you are in the area, come and see us!

Go HERE and you can watch the segment yourself!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wouldn't it be nice..

... if money grew on trees?

But it doesn't... so to do my part, I'm doing free shipping until Saturday! :) So if there's something you've been eyeing in the shop, let me know! Simply purchase the item, and mention my blog in the notes to seller. I will reimburse your shipping via paypal!

But wait! I'm not done! Every purchase that mentions my blog will ALSO get a free SURPRISE in their package! You won't know what it will be until it reaches your door... but I promise it will be good! ;)

Have fun shopping!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling Loved...

I was in the forums on Etsy today and found out I was nominated in an Etsy Vote for best cozy! :) Woot! So if you would be so kind as to take a gander over to the Etsy Voter and consider voting for my blue tissue cozy, I'd be much obliged! :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quilt Along... Week 3 and all caught up

Aaaahhh, I'm all caught up with the Quilt Along!!! YAY! So here are my blocks, all sewn together, then cut and in stacks. :) Unfortunately, on about oh, the last strip I figured out that I hadn't read the directions very well. I have skimming issues. I skim when I read. I know, I know. This is why I got only so-so grades in high school, lol. I was supposed to put the strips together 'randomly', but instead I put each one in the same order as the last.

But Dana (the Quilt Along host) said not to sweat the small stuff... so I'm not. Frankly, I think this was God's way of making this easier on me. I LOVE the way random and askew things look... but I have a REALLY hard time doing it myself. When I was little I used to wonder what foot I took my first step with, because I thought that when I died I should take my last step with the other foot so it was 'even'. LMBO! I KNOW! Stop laughing and keep reading. ;) I know, I have some serious OCD tendancies. (Funny thing is, I am SO MESSY, but my towels have to be folded a certain way. The Living Room can have stuff everywhere, but my cabinets should be organized! lol). So anyway, can you imagine the stress I would have put myself under attempting to make these blocks "random"? Dear me, I would still be organizing. ;)

So here is my theory on what it might look like...

Not the random quilt originally planned but I am loving the colors I chose. I was originally a little nervous about the blue not being quite right... but I think it works. :) I hope the kids will understand when I tell them they can't touch it when it's done, lol.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Festival '09

For those of you not in the West Michigan area, we have an amazing thing here, called Festival of the Arts. I've been going to it my entire life. For some, it is 'just a festival', but for me, it is a lifetime full of memories, and more waiting to happen.

It is a celebration of many of the things I love. They have several (5 or 6?) different stages, with perfomances for three days. Those performances include ballet dancers, rock bands, barbershop quartets, and many more. When I was in high school there were years that I performed all three days. I loved it.

Then there is the artist's tent, where artists sell their wares.... and the display area with fine art on display. I mean, what more could you ask for? Well, FOOD. lol There are over 20 booths run by non profit organizations as fundraisers... all with ethnic foods. Some American, Greek, Italian, etc. There are alot of people who go JUST for the food! :)

And you are thinking, wow, this must cost a fortune! Nope! Everything is free but the food. :) Now, you can spend a pretty penny on food, lol, but it's always going to a great cause! So we took full advantage...

We hit the Face Painting, where Haley got a sun and Davis got an orange goatee. I can not tell you hot fitting these choices were, lol. I got a watermelon. :)

We hit the T-shirt Printing (my personal favorite, a huge memory from my childhood!)...

And they even have a drier so that you don't smudge! Woot!

Then we did the Glue In (each child gets 8 pieces of wood to create whatever they would like with those pieces and wood glue)...

So much concentration...

Then there was the Paint In. LOVE this... my kids go home with ART!

They think of everything... they even have a bucket for them to wash their hands!

Then we stopped for some apple juice. A little story behind this picture... Haley was NOT happy about that apple juice being in the picture, especially that close to her head. However, she knew I wanted a nice picture so she is smiling and yelling at Davis through clenched teeth, lol! You'll notice that they now have on their new t-shirts. Well... that's because Haley managed, even with a smock, to get paint all over her shirt. I tell you, this girl is the messiest child I have ever met, lol. It is part of her charm, I suppose. ;)

From there we decided it was time for an elepant ear. It is a must at Festival. :)

Then off to make hats! This was a huge memory for me as a child as well... the very thing I remember doing at festival year after year. I can't believe that they are still doing it. :)

Then off to the DiSuvero Swing (which I believe is actually supposed to be a work of art, lol). Haley doesn't like it, but as you can tell, Davis came off of it one happy guy. ;)

Then we got Balloons. A fish on a pole and a sword. (Also free! But I tipped the guy a few dollars because he was awesome!) Is it just me or does Davis look like a Hitler wanna-be here? lol

So obviously there is lots to do and lots to see. Lots of fun... but mostly lots of smiles.