Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Work in Progress

I was at the Metropolitan Hospital Market today, and had the chance to try out my new finds. It is so hard to get the right arrangement! I feel like I LOVE the pieces... but still need to find the right fit for each piece. Please ignore the cars, lol, it's a market, so you park behind your spot. ;)

The bird cage did a great job of holding up some wallets and some checkbook covers. ;)

I was able to find some baskets that fit in my pink 'swirly containers' as one blogger called them. ;) Found them at the dollar store! Woot!

And I went to the hardware store and bought just a metal rod to put on the Frito Lay Shelf so that I could hang some purses from it too. I need light, versatile pieces, so this is perfect. The funny part? The metal rod was $2.50... the whole shelving thing was $2, lol.

What do you think? Any thoughts? Do you do craft shows or markets? I'd LOVE to hear your favorite item from your set up! If you don't do shows... I'd love to hear what usually catches your eye in a booth when you go shopping. ;) On Sunday, I will use a random generator to pick one lucky winner from the 'tips'! ;) You will win your choice of a tissue cozy, a key fob or a checkbook cover! ;) Let's hear your comments! ;)


MariaSoleil said...

I need a new key fob...(because the baby keeps eating mine - she loves my keys) here goes. I love using wooden and metal trays to set stuff in for groupings. They help keep things from blowing away, and also helps keep things together. I also love using pottery, pretty bowls, etc. to set stuff in too. I'm hod-podge...what can I say!

Kelly O. said...

I think your display pieces are fabulous--they just need some help making your handmade pieces look irresistable.

I know it's more work and you're not going to like what I have to say but I think your booth needs to look more "lived in".
Utilize your frito lay shelf as a true's looking rather barren on top and it makes everything look a little uneven.
Stuff a bag and put together a little "life" diplay on the top of the rack. Maybe have a sweater or scarf coming out of the bag or a wallet.

Utilize those flowers you have on the table more. Maybe make a garland of them and drape it in front of the table or clip them to the rack.

The birdcage works great but needs to be higher on the table or maybe on a shelf of the frito lay stand. You could heighten by laying fabric over a box and putting the cage on top.

your swirly things look great!
Maybe you only need to use one though (then you can give the other one to me! *sneaky grin*)

Utilize more colour in your booth with fabrics and glitz that's just for show, not for sale.

your stuff is so colourful and beautiful! enhance it by drawing people in to a warm colourful booth that seems full--without being over stocked.

So ends my criticism. honestly I think your booth rocks because I know all the gems you have hiding in there!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Looks good Karin...the only thing that I have found that works well is to hang some purses from the tent to draw peoples eyes up. Usually those are the first ones to sell too. Great finds...I need to go garage sale-ing with you!!

Ashley said...

Your bright colors rock!

BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

I need a new key fob too! Because I don't even have one!

I don't do craft shows, but I have shopped at them. What catches my eye are the booths that are really fully stocked and have lots of colorful items on-hand to browse through. So you are definitely on the right track here!

The flower brooch thingies might look really cute pinned to a bulletin board or something you could stand up or hang vertically. Maybe look for one about the same width at the Frito Lay shelves and hang it on the back? I love the way you hung your totes from it!

The bird cage and pink swirly things look adorable on your table. Have you tried placing cardboard boxes of different heights and sizes under the tablecloth to create various levels on your tablescape? That would be a really easy way to create the layered levels someone mentioned above.

Hope some of those ideas help or at least inspire you to think of more ways to display things!

mrsrfair said...

The bird cage is my fav! I think it is too cute! I love the brightness of the wire racks. As a matter of fact while cleaning my back porch I have some racks like those and thought to myself they should be spruced up with some COLOR :)