Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Smiles

We have had multiple 90 degree days here this week. I was waiting for Spring... but somehow we shot straight to Summer, lol. I'm not complaining... I'd much rather have this than snow! But it's been warm. I almost melted at the market yesterday. ;)

What is worth leaving the air conditioning when the heat index is over 100? These smiles...

We went to the park on Monday and it was HOT. I made it about an hour, and then I started to get punchy. I had brought waters, snacks, a book. Life was good. But I was WARM. Then I remembered I had my craft show gazebo in the van. I felt like a fool with such a large 'tent' over me, lol, but I swear, I made it another hour and a half with that thing up! lol The kids had a blast.

My Davis is so silly, lol.

Haley LOVES the sand.

This is so much better than those days this winter that we weren't ALLOWED to leave our house becuase it was too cold, lol. ;)


Anonymous said...

Haley looks just like you! I love these hot days!

Jill said...

Precious kiddos!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! - and love your new display pieces you used for your market! :)