Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm on a roll...

This summer I am determined to get us out of the house and DOING stuff. I find that on really hot days, (Like the 90 degree days we've had this week!) we sit and do nothing. I even put off turning on the air as long as possible, because I find it just encourages the laziness. You can't open the doors and send the kids outside... becuase you don't hear them... so we all just sort of sit around. After talking to a friend I decided that we would have certain days that would mean certain things to our family.

Monday? It's "Monday Funday" as the kids have so nicely named it, lol. They sit with me ALL day at the Market on Sunday, so I figured they deserved for the next day to be fun. This week we went to the local park to go swimming. Next week? Perhaps Lake Michigan... we shall see.

Wednesday is Library Day. My kids LOVE to read... Haley can spend hours with a good book with no complaints. Unfortunatley, I have problems RETURNING those books, lol. So if we go every week... those books can't ever be late right? Woot!

Thursday and Sunday are Market days. Booo for them... but yay for me! lol

You might be thinking... that's not all that much, lol. But we would happily be homebodies. I don't know if you remember my post about Festival? I offered for the kids to go back for the next two days... and both the kids said no, they were too tired! So we need some resting days too. :)

So today, we went to the Library. All three of us picked out some great books.. and the kids played on the educational computer games for a few minutes. Then we headed home. Well, sort of, lol. I got distracted...

Davis saw a garage sale and asked if we could stop to see if they had any fun toys. Sure!!!

And I found this adorable bird cage for a dollar! I forgot to take a before pic... but here it is painted a fun aqua color. I'm not sure how it's going to be used in my booth yet... but even if it just shares some character.. it's doing it's job. :)

Since that Garage Sale didn't have any kids items, we drove around for a few and tried to find something for the kids. Fail. :( Nothing fun for them... so we went to Walmart and picked up some 3-d chalk. SCORE! Now I can hit one more sale with no complaints, lol.

And I did. And I SCORED.

It is a Frito Lay Rack!!! It was um... ragged. Yeah, that's a nice way to put it. ;) So I painted this one too.

Do you see the clips on the side? How perfect! And shelves for wallets or small purses. I'm in garage sale heaven. :) How much? Oh, it was $2.


Kelly O. said...

That is AWESOME!!
So perfect for you to show things off!

Kelly O. said...

what a little spray paint can't do, eh?!

Hollyrocks said...

Whoa, you DID score! I really need some new display ideas, perhaps I should be hitting up the local garage sales!

Oh and I forgot to tell you that I would be totally interested in trading with you sometime. :-)

pamelama said...

Wow! I can't believe how perfect that stand is for you. Congrats on the great finds!!!!

MariaSoleil said...

You win the award for best garage sale scores ever...I can't wait to see your booth now.

K Bella Bambino said...

Karin Those are great finds!! I love the color you spray painted them. Now you got me in the mood to go "treasure hunting".

A Little Of A Lot said...

Awesome finds.
You are a garage sale queen ;-)

Chrissie Grace said...

How in the world are you scoring these awesome items???
I'm jealous!!

BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

I love the birdcage, it's just too cute. Great color! *wink*
And wow, that rack is so, so perfect! I am totally jelous - it would be nifty to store crafting supplies on too (something I am needing in the worst way.) I guess I need to find a garage sale at the Frito Lay man's house. LOL!

Tiffany said...

LOVE your garage sale finds! I need some of those! That chip rack is AWESOME! :)

I need to come to some of your garage sales.

Ashley said...

Hello awesomeness!!!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

you find the best, best, best displays.
mad at the lame garage sales around me.
loving the spray paint!