Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Fun Monday ;)

I just love the thought of Monday being Fun Day. ;) Everyone on my facebook account hates Monday, lol... so this is my contribution to 'give back' to the underappreciated Monday. ;)

Today was a little cool to go to the beach. I suggested we go to a movie, and discovered that Davis doesn't like to go to the theater??? Hmmm... interesting. They both agreed that the park sounded good. The park, on a day that I won't roast, and won't freeze watching them? (High of 70 today). Delightful!

I got this pic of Haley playing in the trees... I love it. It describes her perfectly...tousled hair, with a gorgeous smile. ;)

Got this one of Davis at the same time. Love that smile too. ;)

Hagar Park here in Jenison is a fantastic park... filled with an amazingly large wood structure, that you could get lost in if you weren't careful. ;) Surrounded by trees, and trails, it has somethin for everyone. They played in the trees and on the wooden structure for a while, then asked to head over to the 'older' area of the park... where the "real playground" is. ;) I say this because it still has a merrie go round, monkey bars and a very tall, metal slide. You know, the death traps that are the most fun. ;)

On the way over this toad jumped over Haley's foot! She was startled, but excited. She loves animals. I was mean and didn't let her take it home. ;)

Then we went down the slide. Okay, they went down the slide, lol.

And spent, oh, about 2 hours on the merrie go round.

Then climbed the trees some more.

On the way home Davis said, "This is DEFINITELY Fun Day Monday." :)


Ashley said...

Glad you had such a great day! Looks like your kids really enjoying getting outside and spending time doing fun activities. Whoo-hoo!

Tiffany said...

oh to be a kid and do the FREE fun stuff! I used to love climbing trees (until I fell out and learned to be careful!) and the BIG kid playground was THE BEST! They had a HUGE wood structure that had logs hung on chains that were strung together log to log and you got to go across them. IT WAS THE BEST! We'd spend hours at the park when I was little. Sadly, the death trap structures were taken down many years ago. WHY oh WHY? They were FUN! If you got hurt, well, you cried, cleaned it up, learned from your accident and went on playing! :) Glad you had a great Funday :)

pamelama said...

I like your structure for family fun days during the week. I may adopt a similar system for us! Monday being fun day would be awesome, but I have to work that day. Darn it! I will live through you and your kiddos. :) Which won't be hard since they are a delight to see and read about!! Keep it up!