Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Growing too fast...

Okay, I'll admit it... I'm getting back into blogging slowly. Dipping my toes in the water. But I'm doing it. ;)  How about an update on the kiddos?  Let's see... Haley is 13. EEEEEK.  Yes, I shrieked a little. She's smart, beautiful, and a tad bit of sassy. Same Haley... just older. ;)

Here she is with her cousin Paige.

And then there's Davis, who is now 10!  Two in double digits! My sweet Davis has grown up so much since I blogged last. He is still my sweet, sensitive jokester... but boy is he "older". Not as much cuddling these days. ;)

Being a single mom has certainly been interesting... and I know it's been hard on my kids adjusting to me not being around as much. But I have been so proud of both of them.... they have stepped up to the challenge well. :)  I miss them every day when I'm at work! <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things that have made me smile recently...

I have a little folder on my desktop. In it, I keep pictures of things I see on facebook, or another blog that make me smile. Some of them are projects that I'd like to do some day... some are just words that make me smile. Here are a few...

Here we have an amazing piece from A Little Bit Funky (link to the right!) The color just brings JOY to my heart!

Wise, wise words. I found this on Pinterest. I have lived these words.

Another Pinterest pic. I want to feel the rain. :)

And this one... this one hit me. LOVE. Going to have to order this and hang it in my home. You can find it here.  My favorite line? "If you are looking for the love of your life... stop. They will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love." I don't think this could be any more true. Stay tuned to hear more about that one. ;)

Monday, August 15, 2011


Tonight I had an amazing meeting with some wonderful ladies. We sat and discussed the things we do to make ourselves happy... we shared things about ourselves, and I got pumped. Loved every minute of it. Then I had to give out  my blog address and suddenly I wondered how long it had been since I had posted. Wow... almost a year? That. is. crazy.  The past year has .. but I am happier have been in a long time. So now my goal? To start sharing that happiness again. Tonight I was reminded that there is power in words. And I miss this. <3