Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is it fun???

The other day a woman asked me if my kids love coming to the market with me. I'll admit it, I giggled. Every market day I hear "Ooohhhh, do we HAVE to go? Can't we just stay HERE? Isn't Grandma available to take care of us??? PLEASE???" But this lady made me smile, when she said "We used to do the Rockford Farmer's Market, and my kids both REALLY miss it". Hmmm... there is hope yet. ;) Haley loves to try to help with the selling, and setting up. Davis just likes the money when it comes in, lol. For the most part, they play in the field (at the one market) or behind the tables (at the other market). They really are so good about it all. Suddenly I found myself wondering if they would look back and love the experience, or look back and wonder how their mother could have made them do that week after week all summer long, lol. Looking back, I remember going to craft shows with my mom and her best friend. My sister and I would play in the surrounding areas, and sit at the booth, watching the people. They are all good memories. Even the early morning rides out to the shows. So I was already smiling... then looked at my kids and saw this...

I'd say they are having a pretty good time wouldn't you?

Then later they got to paint t-shirts. Torture, I tell you, just torture.

I asked Davis to give me a smile... and he gave me this....

Okay that's better.

And Haley with her ever tousled hair. :) For those of you who know her, you are probably thinking, seriously Karin, a WHITE SHIRT? But let me tell you that Gamma bought this one... and yes, Haley did end up getting paint all over it, lol. Yup, we'll be tie dying it later. ;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It goes too fast...

While we were at the market the other day, my wonderful son looked at me and said, "Mom, it looks like you have a soft tire." And you are thinking.... AND??? lol But it really struck me, and made me stop and think. I have reached the point where I am not just looking out for my kids... they are looking out for me. It is a comforting, yet odd feeling. I love that my kids look out for me... and that they love me (and still even want to be seen in public with me! lol), but what happened to my babies? I look around me, and all of my friends from high school are just now starting their families... and my oldest is going to start her last year in Elementary School... and in another district, she'd already be in Junior High/Middle School. Where did all of the time go?

So I've been trying to spend more quality time with the kids... while still trying to work full time on my business. It's an interesting balancing act. My kids LOVE to help... and sometimes I have trouble letting them. Haley was greeting and speaking to customers at the market on Sunday... SO sweet. But about 50% of me thought "Oh that is so sweet" and the other 50% though, "Oh my gosh, please don't say the wrong thing to the wrong person..." Sometimes I really wish I could be one of those moms that just says to heck with other people, lol, but I just can't.

So what about you? What things do you do to make time with your kiddos? Any board games to recommend? Mine love board games... me not so much, lol. So I'm looking for some quality time ideas... that might not take so long as monopoly...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Just wanted to pop in to say sorry for not posting recently. I had 3 shows in 4 days... I spent Monday and Tuesday recovering, lol. And today I have been sewing non stop. I had a great show on Saturday... sold all 15 of the purses I made on Friday (plus more). But now I am spending all of my time trying to re-fill my booth! lol So I do miss you all.... and I'll post something fun in the next few days. I promise. :)

If you came out to see me at any of the shows... thanks! I got to meet a reader from the blog I am doing a giveaway on! Small world!! (If you want to enter in the giveaway, click on the widget on the right!)

P.S... my new chair worked AWESOME! I don't think I would have made it through market on Sunday after the show on Saturday if I didn't have it. :) Yeah for spoiling myself!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I spoiled myself...

For a while now I have really wanted a bar hieght director's chair for shows. I have a wooden one from Ikea that folds, but it's a little tough on the tooshie, lol. ;) Last week they were on sale at Cost Plus World Market, so I took full advantage. ;) I feel a little guilty for spending the money since things are so tight. On the other hand, I wasn't going to make it through very many more markets without it.

At the Market that I do every Sunday throughout the summer, the tables are stationary, and tall. It causes you to either sit and look UP at anyone who walks by, or stand the entire day. At most shows, I am happy and willing to stand and greet each and every customer. Every week at the Market I end up standing the ENTIRE day... but this gets old quickly when you do 2-3 a week! Well, since this is such a relaxed atmosphere, I decided this chair would be the perfect remedy. I can still get out of the chair to help someone, but this way I can see them coming more easily!

And of course, I had to give it my own flair, by sewing the fabric pieces myself. ;) I used twill for the bottom/back, and Michael Miller's Carnival for the front. I love this print, and it has so many great colors, it will always 'match' my booth. ;)