Saturday, February 27, 2010

Amazed But Not Surprised

My daughter has mad skills.  I have always known that Haley is smart... brilliant really.  She has always been a 'thinker'... taking in EVERYTHING that she hears.  She lives inside her head mostly, which can be wonderful and bad at the same time. ;)  I love it when she opens up and shows us what she's thinking.

Yesterday I didn't quite get home by the time the kids were off the bus, so I called to let them know that I would be home shortly.  She immediately read me a poem that she had written.  I was shocked.  It was really good.  And not just like, oh, what a cute poem kind of good... but like, wow, she should send that into a contest or something. :)  (When you read it, if you disagree, spare me, I'm having a Proud Mama moment here!)

What?  You want to read it?  Okay!

Ocean blue, reflecting sky,
eagle wings up so high,
as land and wind dance in time
as magic shivers down our spine
salty sea, frothy foam
it's time to bring lost objects home
with teh help of three friends
this hero shall make all amends
water, logic, love and sky,
all emotions running high
now it's time to catch the theif
until the victims find relief!

When I asked her what inspired it, she said that it is about a game that she and some friends play at recess.  To me that just made it more neat.  It wasn't just sort of a fairy tale poem... it had context!!  I am really proud of her.. I think I'm going to go buy her a little book to write her poems in.  When I was in Middle School I used to love to write poetry... even won a contest at my school for one I'd written.  I haven't written a poem since 8th grade.  It's so fun to see that she is enjoying something I did when I was her age. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I need to play the lotto

Yesterday was a good day. I mean, a really good day!  I worked in the morning, then went to go weigh in for the Biggest Loser Challenge at work.  I was worried... it wasn't a good week, lol.  I had ice cream. Twice.  So I wasn't hopeful. I had missed weighing in last week and thought, well, if I maintained, I'm happy. I lost three pounds!  Woot! 

From there I went to a few thrift stores looking for some things for our new duplex.  Haley and Davis are both sleeping in lofts right now and both have wanted to switch to normal beds for a while now... it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the switch.  (If you're local and you're interested in buying a blue Ikea loft, let me know, lol!)  Anyway, I've been looking on Craigslist, and did mind one twin headboard/frame but needed to find another.  Enter the reason I need to play the lotto (the title).  I had a GREAT thrift find day.  I bought...

A lamp for $3.  This was my first purchase. I was so excited I thought to myself that I should probably not even go anywhere else. I mean, who finds multiple good finds in one day, right?

You might be wondering why this lamp is so great... but that color?  It's my favorite. color. ever.  Love it.

Then I found a headboard for $6.  (Sorry, no pic).  I will probably paint it.  But it was $6. 

A frame for $3. No, a BED frame for $3.  Seriously????  Even if the headboard doesn't turn out... I have the frame!  Woot!

I felt like dancing around the store. Then I found this chair...

I know... it has seen better days...

But it was... wait for it... $10.  I will paint it, (then rough up a few of the edges, lol) replace the padding and fabric, and this will be Cee-ute!

And then, you'd think I was done right? I mean, I've spent $25 and gotten a lamp, a bed, and a chair.  I should be done. But then I saw this...

Now some of you are wondering why I would spend even $5 on this little trunk.  But I. Love. It. It makes me smile.  It is just vintage enough... just worn enough... without just being an old piece of crap, lol.  I love me some vintage.  And this is just so darn pefect!  (My sister is shaking her head right now, guaranteed, lol).  But I love to surround myself with things that make me smile... and this does it. 

So there it is, my $30 Thrift Day that practically furnished a room in my house. ;)

Monday, February 22, 2010


After renting from my in-laws for twelve years we have decided to move... just needed a change of pace.  Last week I told the kids.  I have to admit, I was nervous.  I knew that Haley would be sad, as she is emotionally attached to items, including the house. 

At first, they both cried... Haley because she will miss the house, and Davis because he doesn't like other people to be upset. ;)

I explained all of the up sides to moving... all of the details.  They started to warm up to the idea.  I showed them the pictures online... Haley saw a bedroom with a dormer nook (it is cape cod style duplex) and she called that room as hers.  Which meant Davis would be getting a room almost twice the size his is right now. I think I had him hooked right then. ;)

After we talked for a bit, I decided that we should drive over and let them explore the back yard, even though we couldn't get inside. Boy am I smart. ;)  This was just what they needed to see.

Just the front, nothing too exciting, lol.

Here we have Haley trying to fake smile when really she wants to scream that she doesn't want to be here. :(
Then we went into the back yard and they saw the above play structure. Things were looking up, lol.  First they thought they could only use half, just like the house. :)  When I explained that the people next door are all adults, they got pretty excited because it meant the backyard was pretty much theirs. (The neighborhood has lots of kids, just not the other side of the duplex).

Then we went over to the side of the house...

And this was when I knew I had Davis on my side, lol.  And that Haley would come to love it here, even if the thought of change makes her cringe.  Its a hill they can slide down... right next to the house.  Close enough that I can watch them from the living room.  It's at the end of a cul-de-sac, so it's super safe.

It's been almost a week since I told them. Davis is excited... Haley is excited yet guarded.  I can't blame her.  I think they will both love it when we move though. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Project

I recently went to Above All Fabric's Shop online and saw the SWEETEST pattern!  I fell in love. What? It's a PDF???  Even better! Instant gratificiation! 

It kind of just looks like a normal little wallet doesn't it?  Oh but wait... it is so much better than that!

It's a COUPON ORGANIZER!  Woot!  I love it. I want to make 60 of them.  Yes, I have a problem, lol.  Unfortunately for all of you blog readers out there that aren't local... I can't share. :(  The pattern (understandably!) is for limited commercial use.  Meaning... I can sell them locally at craft shows but not online.  But... the beautiful thing?  The pattern creator has an etsy shop!  You can purchase one for yourself from her!

I am uber-excited because I plan to use mine for budgeting.  One slot will have my budget for gas, then next for groceries, the next for toiletries, etc.  And no one will know I'm using the "envelope system" because frankly, it looks like a cute wallet. :)  I might just need a second one for organizing my change at shows. And a third for coupons. I may also need to come up with a reason to make a fourth. ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saving Money in a Bad Economy

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the new logo!  I have been having fun with my editing software. :)

I was sitting here (at work! with nothing to do because weekend are so quiet!) trying to think of something I could talk to all of you about... without my camera around!!  I looked at the newspaper and instantly thought of the economy and what I've been doing to try to save money.  So I'm going to share. :)

1.  Obviously, we cut back on certain things when my husband lost his job.  At first I thought we might have to forgo television altogether... but that seemed like a might big adjustment. :)  So we did the smallest package available with Dish Network.  Let me tell you... they have the best customer service of any company I've worked with. Seriously. If you are struggling.. call them.  They will help!  They gave me a discount for 6 months so that my locals would be free.

2.  Aldi.  Do you have an Aldi supermarket near you?  It's kind of intimidating at first.  My mother in law doesn't like to go there becuase you have to put a quarter in the shopping carts.. and frankly, it's just different. But I LOVE IT.  I can get 2 week's worth of groceries for us there for around $100 without any coupons!  I also love their brand, which is important to me.  I HATE generic peanut butter. but Aldi's brand is the same as JIF. :)

3.  Not into going to an alternative grocery center?  Think about using Savings Angel.  This program is fantastic! I use it for groceries that I can't find at Aldi.. and save a TON on toiletries. When I first started it, I got razors, shampoo and some toothbrushes for... wait for it... FREE.  You save your coupons... don't clip them.  Then on Sunday they will tell you where to use your coupons from that day AND the last few weeks on items already on sale, for extra savings.  It costs $20 a month... but I save that AT LEAST in the first grocery trip.  I do know of another company that does this... but they charge by the STORE... which makes it more expensive.  Because most of the time, I don't get EVERYTHING I need at just one store! 

Do you have any fun tips?  I'd love for you to share them!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Any thoughts?

I've been busy the last couple of weeks, trying to make a new logo and update the blog and my website.  Any opinions?  It is so hard for me to get a real feel for what it looks like, as all computers are a bit different.  Especially those darn wide screen monitors! lol  At work, you see A LOT of polka dots on my website... at home?  Barely any at all! lol

Anyway, I'd love some honest opinions. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the Winner is...

You thought I forgot didn't you? ;) Nope! Just busy with work... the winner is...

(Email me at and we will get you your goodies!!)

Congratulations! And thanks for sticking with me... I love all of you!