Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Project

I recently went to Above All Fabric's Shop online and saw the SWEETEST pattern!  I fell in love. What? It's a PDF???  Even better! Instant gratificiation! 

It kind of just looks like a normal little wallet doesn't it?  Oh but wait... it is so much better than that!

It's a COUPON ORGANIZER!  Woot!  I love it. I want to make 60 of them.  Yes, I have a problem, lol.  Unfortunately for all of you blog readers out there that aren't local... I can't share. :(  The pattern (understandably!) is for limited commercial use.  Meaning... I can sell them locally at craft shows but not online.  But... the beautiful thing?  The pattern creator has an etsy shop!  You can purchase one for yourself from her!

I am uber-excited because I plan to use mine for budgeting.  One slot will have my budget for gas, then next for groceries, the next for toiletries, etc.  And no one will know I'm using the "envelope system" because frankly, it looks like a cute wallet. :)  I might just need a second one for organizing my change at shows. And a third for coupons. I may also need to come up with a reason to make a fourth. ;)


Carrie said...

Looks like I've got another reason to come see you at a craft show one of these days!! :)

Tasha said...

That is seriously fabulous. Love the fabric choices too!

iSew said...

Excellent! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern & I appreciate you mentioning my shop too.

Your fabric choices are great!

A Little Of A Lot said...

Love it

Catherine said...

Eep! I bought this pattern a few months ago & still haven't made it. Wonderfully written instructions...just think I need a little sewing practice.

Yours looks great!

WindyLou said...

I might have to have one of those.