Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saving Money in a Bad Economy

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the new logo!  I have been having fun with my editing software. :)

I was sitting here (at work! with nothing to do because weekend are so quiet!) trying to think of something I could talk to all of you about... without my camera around!!  I looked at the newspaper and instantly thought of the economy and what I've been doing to try to save money.  So I'm going to share. :)

1.  Obviously, we cut back on certain things when my husband lost his job.  At first I thought we might have to forgo television altogether... but that seemed like a might big adjustment. :)  So we did the smallest package available with Dish Network.  Let me tell you... they have the best customer service of any company I've worked with. Seriously. If you are struggling.. call them.  They will help!  They gave me a discount for 6 months so that my locals would be free.

2.  Aldi.  Do you have an Aldi supermarket near you?  It's kind of intimidating at first.  My mother in law doesn't like to go there becuase you have to put a quarter in the shopping carts.. and frankly, it's just different. But I LOVE IT.  I can get 2 week's worth of groceries for us there for around $100 without any coupons!  I also love their brand, which is important to me.  I HATE generic peanut butter. but Aldi's brand is the same as JIF. :)

3.  Not into going to an alternative grocery center?  Think about using Savings Angel.  This program is fantastic! I use it for groceries that I can't find at Aldi.. and save a TON on toiletries. When I first started it, I got razors, shampoo and some toothbrushes for... wait for it... FREE.  You save your coupons... don't clip them.  Then on Sunday they will tell you where to use your coupons from that day AND the last few weeks on items already on sale, for extra savings.  It costs $20 a month... but I save that AT LEAST in the first grocery trip.  I do know of another company that does this... but they charge by the STORE... which makes it more expensive.  Because most of the time, I don't get EVERYTHING I need at just one store! 

Do you have any fun tips?  I'd love for you to share them!!!


Carol said...

Have you tried this organization?

The food is pretty good and you do not have to order every month. Give it a try.

It has helped with our grocery bill but it does not provide everything like bread, etc.

pamelama said...

I love Aldi's too. I can't believe how much money I can save there. The only issue I have is that it is SO far away from me - not convenient at all!

In the past we've cut back on cable too. Going to the library to borrow kids' movies is a great way to save a few bucks. Plus it gets us out of the house. I think we need to make a trip there this week w/the kids off from school!

I can't think of anything else at moment. No wait! I have been giving things through "Freecycle" for awhile now. Have you tried that?
Oh and yard sales! I love a bargain!