Monday, June 1, 2009

Great day for a Field Day...

Or maybe not, lol. For those of you not in Southwest Michigan, well, it's kind of yucky here today. It's raining off and on, and 60 degrees. You know, just warm enough that you aren't cold... until you are wet! So it's a great day for a track and field day RIGHT? ;)
Every year the elementary schools here in Jenison have a Field Day. The first year, I got there to observe and take pictures, and the Kindergarteners were playing Duck Duck Goose. Um, this is not the Field Day that I remember!!! Apparently, in the hopes of comradery, they made it more of a game day. I'm be honest, I was disapointed. I am the first to admit, I hated Field Day. I was slow. I was clumsy. Still am! lol I remember watching Jason F. in elementary school... those long, lean legs. He could do the high jump, he could do the 200 meter dash. He left everyone in the dust. The only time I got a ribbon was when there were only 4 of us becuase the numbers weren't even in sixes, lol. I was okay with it. It wasn't my thing. But looking back, I really had to appreciate Jason and his talents. I was good at singing, he was good at running. Shouldn't we both have the opportunity to share those talents? So after that first Field Day with Haley in Kindergarten, I was disappointed. But then I heard about 5th grade. In 5th grade here in Jenison, all of the elementary schools get together and have a REAL Field Day! Woot! And that day, is today. Great day for it... everyone is soaking wet, and the kids are still smiling because they AREN'T IN SCHOOOL! lol

So anyway, I went up to the high school where they are doing Field Day to bring Haley her lunch... and got these pics. The one in the pink poncho, wishing this were all over, is Haley, lol. She is so much like me when it comes to this stuff.

Check her out... she's really running! I am so proud of her for doing this stuff when it is not her favorite thing. :)

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MariaSoleil said...

I loved field day! I still have all of my ribbons *cough* 30 years later.