Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another GORGEOUS Market Day

Oh, it is so nice to have SUMMER here! :) Here in Michigan, Winter really seemed to linger, and I was starting to worry I would never be WARM again! :) Today is a GORGEOUS day here in Southwest Michigan... 85 and full sun. Ahhhh... I'm not cold anymore. ;)

Last week I got in a little trouble because I didn't have pics... so this week I tried to take some. It was a nice, steady day of visitors, but not overwhelming. I had about 5 visitors that came by that I knew... and it was so nice to chat!! :) I love to chat. :) No really, if you know me, you know I don't ever shut up, lol.

Sorry, I got distracted. ;)

At this open air market, the booths are already set up with stationary tables. Honestly, that can make things difficult for me, since I usually use carts to hang things from. So I usually try to put one cart in front of the tables and and then use the tables as much as I can.
(Please note that I don't ALWAYS have toys on the ground behind my tables, lol. I ended up having anywhere from my 2 kids, to 5 back there at any given moment today, lol. Hey, if they can get along, and I can get some work done, it works!)

My fun new finds worked out GREAT! I painted them pink. :) I was going to use aqua, like one reader suggested, but I couldn't find a good one! I think hot pink works. :)

Wallets were popular today! Time to make some more! :)

My patchwork bags. But you've seen those already. :)

And something new!

Since last fall, I have had a few friends asking me about belts. Personally, I'm not really a 'belt wearer'.... no need to bring attention to my bulging belly, lol. I have also watched at craft shows while visitors try on belts that are far too big, or embarrassingly, far too small. So what do you do? Make 10 different sizes? Oye. I decided to do a Sash Belt. It is about 70 inches long, and can be tied to let hang. It is 3 1/2 inches wide so that it can be worn with a dress, or folded in half and put through your pant belt loop, then tied like above. For you super skinny girls, it can be tied into a cute bow! Even better? It can be worn around the head like a head band and tied in the back. Have a plain, leather purse? You can fold it in half and tie it as an accent on a handle! I'm trying to find the multitasking accessory, lol. ;) So what do you think?


Island Girl said...

Nice little sash belts!! LOVE IT!! wink wink!!

Delainie said...

Your booth looks great! I'll have to admit, I didn't want you to paint those new things because I liked the "oldness" of them, but My mind's been changed - they look great pink too! What an awesome find!!

mrsrfair said...

LOVE the patchwork bags! The pink looks great for your new find! I am such a pink freak though :)

ribbonrose said...

It all looks terrific, Karin! said...

Wish I lived in Michigan- looks great! Hope you did well.

Ashley said...

Love your set-up! And the racks look so cute painted pink. What a find :)

I really need to come down on visit on one of these Sundays.

Hollyrocks said...

Your booth space looks fantastic! If I was a shopper at that show, I would definitely have stopped to browse your goodies.

As for the belts, I think that's a great idea. Especially since they have multiple purposes. Do you think you'll add those to your etsy shop?

Octamom said...

These are just beautiful! Can't wait to peruse more of your patchwork portfolio!


Jingle said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I want to do a craft fair so badly!

Alex said...

I need a patchwork bag!

BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

I love the pink! It totally suits your products!

About the yart sale - it was actually my first one (I just started selling on Etsy this past fall) and I had a decent amount of sales that weekend (for me) but NONE of them were for my Yart Sale items. Figures!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Great booth! How perfect are those goodwill finds for the key fobs??? Love the pink too. I have gone through quite a few cans of that same color here too. Thanks again for the giveway! I love everything you make. I am totally inspired to grab some scraps and make something patchworky and crazy. LoVE!