Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a Week! And It's not even over! ;)

The Fulton Market was amazing on Sunday. It was so busy that I feel like I just finally felt normal TODAY, lol. I woke up on Monday with achey feet, arms, and legs, lol. ;) I don't have any pictures... because I was so busy I didn't have time to stop! Woot!

Anyway, then I just got an email from this site...

That I am featured in a Wish List on their blog. It is a really neat concept! How often do you wish you could register for handmade items? I love Target... but when I got married I would have LOVED to register for items on Etsy! (We won't talk about the fact that it didn't exist then, lol). Well, this site offers just that. You can register for handmade items for your wedding! ROCK ON! Absolutely suggesting it to friends getting married. Anyway, they feature certain wish lists... and one of my bags was on it! Woot!


Ashley said...

Two thumbs way up for the market! I was in Grand Rapids on Sunday but wasn't able to make it over that way.

How cool would registering on Etsy be. Love that idea!

Dorana said...

thank you SO much for taking the time to blog about your feature on http://www.myhandmaderegistry.com/! we've updated our blog sponsor list with your link! thank you again for your support!

i cant wait to see YOUR HANDMADE WISH LIST so that we can feature your profile on our daily FRONT PAGE FEATURE!

siempre - dorana

tiger said...


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