Monday, January 18, 2010


So... you  may not know this... but my son is hilarious.  He cracks me up on a daily basis.  Who knows... I might be biased...but it doesn't matter.  He makes me smile. 

Here are some Davisisms...

Me:  Grandma sent you some hockey pj's... aren't they cool?
Davis:  They are hockey??
Me:  Yes!  Don't you see the little hockey puck?  The mask... (Pointing)
Davis:  Oh, yeah!  And they are red for the blood, right Mom? 

Davis:  Mom, can we buy cubed cheese so I can use toothpicks and eat like fondue???? (To be clear, the question isn't all that crazy... but the amount of excitement in his voice was hilarious!)

Mom:  Time to wake up for school!
Davis:  I already went to school in my dream!!! (As he pulled the cover over his head)

*drinking sprite* he says... Ugh... fumes from the sprite are painful!!

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