Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two posts in one...

Saturday was a beautiful day here in West Michigan. It was warm, but not HOT and just WONDERFUL after several days of rain. Luckily, that great day happened to land on the day I was doing the Garfield Park Craft Show! Cathy, Dulce and I had a great day! I think our work really compliments each other and so do our personalities! Take a look at our booth...

Okay you can't tell in that picture, but I had 5 hooks of key fobs. I had over 40...and have 8 left! Wow! Those shoppers loved those key fobs!

The above pic is a peek at Cathy's magnets and jewelry. I wish I had gotten a better pic. They are adorable!

Can you see the cute little sock monkeys? I swear I have never seen more women FLOCK to one thing! It is such a nostagic thing. They are adorable, and I tell you, if you have a child in you life, he or she needs one! LOL

And now to the second "post" lol. Because of this wonderful craft show....I never had time to post first day of school pictures! Here are the kiddos on their first day. :) I have taken a pic of them with this sign every year since Haley started Preschool and was nearly the same height as the sign, lol.

Davis is excited, can you tell?

And then there is my sweet girl. She is a little more subdued. :)

They both had a great day, and love their teachers. :) I found it a little odd to be home with no kids, frankly. LOL I have taken care of one of my best friend's kids for the past 5 years, so even when my kiddos went off to school I had a little one around. Well, her two older ones are in school now and need to have daycare closer to there. :( So here I am, with lots of time on my hands. :) I think you'll be seeing some new product in my etsy shop soon...


Anonymous said...

Hi Karin!

I just found you though Jennifer's Craft Sanity blog. Isn't she awesome? From there I found out about the FSAM, then ETSYWMI. Dang am I in the dark or what?? I hope to join the team and see you at the next FSAM. So glad Garfield went well. I totally had nothing to do yesterday and would have loved to gone. Oh well! Glad you did so well!

tscrapper said...

Your booth looks amazing and very well-stocked! Congrats on a great day!

Your kids look adorable on the first day of school. Glad it went well!

Chrissie Grace said...

Your booth looks great. Your kids are so cute! I like the first day of school sign, that's a great idea!
Chrissie Grace

Dizzy Broad said...

Hi Karin! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Wow!!! - your purses are beeeauutiful! I can't sew at all so I just drool when I see what others can construct with that machine and fabric.

I'm envying you for having a bus system for your kids (they look adorable, btw!). Like you, am enjoying kid-free time for the first time in 4 years too. But I'm finding that I'm awful at time-management so I usually end up doing nothing but blog surf for duration of my free time. LOL!

Have a good week! - gigi

CJ Ski said...

Davis is going to be taller that
Haley by Christmas!