Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School Fun

Last night we went to the kids' school for an art and drama night.  It was fantastic.  Art is not Davis' favorite subject.. but Haley is more like me, and loves every aspect of artistic things.  She is in Drama Class at school and has been excited about this night for a while. I was so proud of  her. :)

We started out looking at some art pieces the kids made.  Be forewarned, I have misplaces my battery charger for my camera in the move (Insert gaspy cry here) and so I had to take pics with my phone.  I am trying to come to terms with it, lol.

Anyway... we started with our little Picasso...

Then we went to Haley's self portrait...

Can you see it above her?  I think she did an awesome job. :)

Then Davis and I went and waited for the drama club to get ready (and Haley went to practice).

We can't just sit and wait... we have to occupy ourselves by taking silly self portraits, lol.

Then came Haley's big moment. She has been trying to find her 'niche' for years, and I think we just stumbled upon it.  Most of the things that the drama club did was improv.... something that would absolutley panic me to my core.  Not Haley... she got up there and did her thing... and loved every second of it! 

Here she is doing the "Three Headed Wizard".  The audience asks a question... and the Wizard answers the question... but each "head" can only say one word at a time.  I cannot explain to you the wackiness that ensues at this point. :)  I was so proud of her.. she thought before she spoke... but not so long that it was awkward. She was witty... she was a star. :)  And I loved every second of it. :)


carlisle clan conversation... said...

love it! you have some very artistic kiddos!

A Little Of A Lot said...

That is wonderful.
Her self portrait is amazing