Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For years the Jenison Public Schools have been ranked as one of the best schools in the country. And I have to admit... I feel fortunate to be in this district. When Haley was in 2nd grade however...we decided to do school of choice and went to an elementary school in the same district.... yet not the one in our neighborhood. There were many things that contributed...the largest factor being the principal and her lack of discipline regarding bullying.  I never regretted my decision, as I love the kids' school and teachers.

Today I drove by Haley's old school. And I didn't know whether to laugh... or be angry.  Here is what I saw...

Hmmmm.... pretty sure that isn't correct grammar. Let me be clear... I do NOT claim to have perfect grammar.  I also don't work at a school.  Is this really what we are teaching our children?  I wonder if they are trying to be "cool" and relate to the kids?  Can we not relate without teaching them it's okay to be too lazy to spell out the words?  This sign makes me sad.  And I'm REALLY glad we switched schools. Maybe you think I'm over-reacting... I see it as the first of what is to come.  :(


Kelly O. said...

yeah--this would bother me too.

A Little Of A Lot said...

Unbelievable, looks like something you'd expect in " Da Hood"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

SMH at the "Da Hood" comment. I guess that something you would expect from a school in an urban area has opposed to the suburbs. It is possible they ran out of letters needed nonetheless it's the lingo kids use these days. I agree though, schools should not be conforming to the "times" and stick to grammar rules.

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