Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thanks :)

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday!  (And to whoever anonymously 'sang' me happy birthday in the comments, THANK YOU!) 

It was a great day.  When I got home, Haley had written me a poem. :)  On pink paper.... which just  made it that much better!  I have such awesome kids. ;)

I went in to work for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and then we went to Sonic.  Woot!  Who doesn't love a good ol thing of Sonic Tater Tots? ;) 

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! It's raining here. :(  But that's okay, because  my in laws surprised me the other day with the fact that they are coming home 3 days early... so it's time to go pack up the last of the stuff at the old house!!  Wish me luck!

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