Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I love Memorial Day. The weather is usually nice, the company is good and it celebrates the right things. :) Today we went to a parade in our little town. I am always amazed by how long it is! It begins with Veterans leading the way. Of course, I don't have a picture becuase frankly, I was CLAPPING! These men and women amaze me. They, and their familes, sacrifice so much for this country, and I try so hard to not take it for granted. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel whenever I see a military uniform! So if you, or someone you love helps to keep this country safe... THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. :)

After the veterans, we have some amazing 'acts'. :) We have the typical Fire Engines

(They are loud, and that's why my kids have this look on their faces!)

And some Go Carts, which are my kids favorite, lol.

Cheerleaders that do flips...

And apparently Llamas???? We keep things exciting here in Jenison!

The kids had a blast! And got a TON of candy. :)

On a nice note, when we were walking home from the parade, I asked the kids if we had everything. Davis said, "Do we have my candy? And... my candy? And, um, my CANDY?" lol, because, obviously, during a parade the candy is very important. :) And Haley replied, "So you just went for the candy?" And he just sort of smiled. Then Haley said "I went for the candy, but I also went for the soldiers... mostly the soldiers". OH MY GOODNESS I AM DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!! :) Davis is only 8... the concept of freedom, and those who keep us safe is a little bit too big of a concept for him to appreciate. But Haley is 11 and I think she's really starting to get it. :) And that makes me really, really proud. :)

P.S. I just found out they were ALPACA, not Llamas. Hey, that's still keeping things exciting here in little ol' Jenison. ;) I was amazed that they were not skittish! The horns were going off, kids were running to get candy, and they were just fine. Amazing. We had Greyhound Dogs too. :)


Lona said...

Thanks for teaching your kids! If we don't teach the kids, we will forget what Memorial Day is about.

Anonymous said...

Not Llamas, Alpacas.
(They're like cousins!)

: )

Karin Schueller said...

Sorry! Alpaca! They weren't handing anything out, so I wasn't sure! I was actually VERY impressed that they weren't skittish... it was LOUD, and the Alpaca just kept on walking, perfectly fine. They were gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing! Looks like you had a wonderful Memorial Day.