Monday, May 18, 2009

A Crafty Morning

For Haley's birthday, her Grandma Cathy gave her a massive bag of treats. Trust me on this one, the woman loves to find little goodies for her first 'grandbaby'. She knows how Haley loves to be able to give little gifts to people, so she gave her a bunch of crafty items, both for herself, and those she could make to give as gifts. GREAT idea! This woman knows her granddaughter. ;)

Well, the next morning Haley was bursting at the seams to use some of her new paints! So Davis found a wooden car that I bought him at a craft show, and Haley got out a magazine holder from her box, and they painted away. I had a crafty morning too! My friend Celene graciously told me the best way to make a cute clip board, and I made some for their teachers, and a friend. (Shh...don't their teachers, they don't have them yet! lol) ;)

I haven't seen the kids so happy in a while. I think my mom gave me a present with that birthday present too. :)

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