Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something that made me really think this week...

One day this week, I was at my local craft store. I was waiting behind 2 other people in the only line open... the return lane. I don't usually mind waiting, but the line was starting to get really backed up, so the cashier called for help. When the new cashier arrived, she asked for the next customer in line. You know where this is going. :) I asked the person in front of me if she was going to go over, and she replied that, no she had a return. So I started my way over. One of the ladies in the line behind me very purposely ran over in front of me. Normally, I wouldn't say anything. Who would it help? But today I decided to say it. "For future use, you should really let the people in the front of the line go first." I'm not sure what I expected her to say. I mean, what would I say if someone called me out on something like that? Maybe "You're right, I'm sorry. I'm just in a super huge hurry. Sorry about that!" But nope. She said, "You are not my mother, and I do not need a lecture". Really? Seriously? She was old enough to be MY mother, and I wanted to say "Apparently, you DO need a lecture on manners." But I simply replied, "I'm not trying to lecture you, I simply thought you should know." And I left it at that. I then attempted to check out my items. The cashier would not look me in the eye. She rang up my items, then handed me the receipts and said, "Thank you, have a nice day." I asked her if I needed to sign the credit card receipt and she said "Well, YES." She was already ringing in the next person. It was quite obvious that she didn't want to help me.

This all made me really think. I might not cut in line at the store, but what do I do that is similar? And if someone called me on it, what would my reaction be? I truly hope that I am the person that would apologize and realize that it was wrong. My other question to myself was... how would I treat someone that was trying to do 'the right thing' but made life uncomfortable? I didn't make a scene. I never raised my voice. But the cashier wanted me GONE. Sometimes life gets uncomfortable. What kind of person will I be when it affects me?

So I'm wondering... what things like that really bother you? Like when someone cuts in line? For some reason, that one just bothers me (when it is deliberate). I'd love to hear from you, and see if I'm a culprit of that irritating thing! lol

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