Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Daughter Rocks :)

Today was my daughter's 5k for Girls on the Run. She has done one with me, and one with her Dad, but never just on her own. I am SO PROUD OF HER! She did it in just under 40 minutes, we think. Girls on the Run encourages the art of setting a goal (such as finishing it!) so they do not time it. But Haley and I are more into times, lol, so she wore a Garmin...but forgot to push stop, lol. are some pictures of my lovely girl, running in a 5k...

Here she is about 2 miles in... still smiling, still running. :) And yup, that's Davis' hand waving back. :)

Crossing the finish line! She did great! She got this running skirt for her birthday...but it was way too chilly, so we added some leggings. :) I love that look of determination on her face in this pic. :)

And here she is after the race, with the sign we used to cheer her on. SO proud of her! She did fantastic, and when she was done...she went to cheer the other girls on! That's the Haley I love. :)

And I just had to share this pic of Davis. When the girls were all gathered before the run, they did a warm up, all 450 or so of them. Well... "Girls just want to have fun" was on the loud speakers, and they were all dancing, and going nuts, and Davis gave me this look and said "That is just WEIRD", lol. He's such a boy. :)

And here's one of me and Haley, just about to leave. Proud Mom moment here. :)

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