Sunday, May 17, 2009

My kids are amazing...

So I never had time to post about it...but my kids gave me an amazing gift on Mother's Day. They remembered Mother's Day all by themselves. :) Apparently when they were on the bus the week before, Davis looked at Haley and said... "Haley, we have to get Mom something for Mother's Day!" They decided that the perfect gift would be a Webkinz so that I could have my very own account! They spent their own money (Haley spent her birthday money, how sweet is that? And I believe Davis still has to work his portion off with Grandma and Grandpa). I thought the gift was very special...they know that I love to look at the different animals with them, and think some of them are super cute. They also knew this was something I could share with them. :) We send things back and forth to one another, and are 'friends' via Webkinz. I thought it was super sweet that they picked something just for me...thought of it themselves, and then figured out a way to make it happen. :) I have amazing kids.

Haley was nice enough to take some pics for me. :) But then we did the one below so we could have all three of us in it. :) Ross came home for the day...but the kids didn't want to wait until noon when he got here, so we opened it first thing in the morning... therefore, no one else to take the picture. :)

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