Sunday, May 24, 2009


On friday night Davis had a sleepover. They brought him back on Saturday at 5 pm. Wow! Those are some cool parents, lol. The kids must have been getting along really well! Anyway, I got alot done while he was gone!

A fellow etsian showed me a process last year of how to make patchwork in a way I'd never seen. I talked about it in this post, and again in the next post. :) Amy makes beautiful jackets, and I decided to make the process my 'own' by using it for totes. After purchasing an entire roll of fusible fleece for my new style purse, I decided it might be time to do some more patchworking. :) I love that with this process I can use all of my unused scraps, and put all of my favorites together on one big tote!

For this one I based all of the colors on the Andalucia Fabric.

This one seems so sweet to me. It makes me think of a little baby girl. Perhaps it will be a diaper bag? Hopefully tomorrow I'll have full pics of finished bags. :) I pieced 4 large totes 1 small one! Now to put them all together. :)

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