Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Wonderful Party...

We planned a 40th Wedding Anniversary Party for my in-laws, and the day was WONDERFUL. The weather was beautiful. Perfect, in fact. Lots of friends and family came, and I thought it turned out great. My sister in law rented a popcorn machine, and the kids loved it! You can always entertain children with food. :)

Here's the in-law's with their gifts and the grandkids. My sister in law had the kiddos do handprints on tiles to make a table for them. I made the family tree....See this post if you haven't seen it. They look happy to me. :)

Here they are with all of the 'stuff'. :)

If you can see behind them, those are the dresses from the wedding. How cool is that? The pink one was the junior bridesmaid's and the white one was the flower girls. Here's a closeup. I just think they are gorgeous.

Her dress was in the corner, but I didn't get a good pic. :( It was a lot of fun to see all of that stuff. My parents were divorced when I was about 8, so I don't even remember my mom's wedding ring. It was fascinating to me to see it all, with the wedding album.

Besides being thier 40th anniversary on the 13th...my mother in law had her 60th birthday the day before the party. I decided we at least had to recognize it at the party...so I bought this cake. I got it from DAISYS & dots. She is AMAZING. It was perfect. We already had 2 traditional cakes and 2 pies, so we needed something different. I was THRILLED. You should check out her site. Can you tell I was happy? LOL It is comprised of 50 boxes that you can open and put in whatever you want. I filled them with hard candy that wouldn't melt in the sun.

Overall I was very happy with the day. We got to see family and friends we don't usually see, and my mother in law and father in law seemed happy, which was the best part.

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