Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gotta love Etsy and its creative sellers...

Earlier this week I recieved an INGENIOUS piece for my daughter's closet. I LOVE this idea!

Originally, this piece was intended for clothespins for those that hang their clothes dry. Um...sorry, I'm not that ambitious. :) I barely get my clothes WASHED! LOL Anyway, in the listing, it said her daughter uses them for lingerie! My daughter has very little drawer space in her room, so this is PERFECT!!! I haven't decided yet whether it will be for socks or undies yet, but I LOVE IT! I think we may need one for each closet in our house! :) You can find yours at ! She takes custom you can even get one to match your decor!


Luvkids334 said...

OMG, I came over here to see what was new in your world and found this post. You're so sweet
I am so glad you like it and that it works well for your DD.

Karin Schueller said...

I just love reading about what other people find on etsy...I figure someone else might like reading about my finds! I love it! You need to go sew some more!