Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tutorial - The Perfect Picnic Blanket

Have you ever put your picnic blanket down, only to have the corners blow up and move? Everyone has! Well this is the answer! It is easily done with just a few materials.

First, get yourself a blanket. Personally, I snagged a clearance quilt at Target for $15. :) Gotta love Target. ;)

Then you need a few things…
Needle nosed pliers
Wire or an old hanger
A Hammer
A Grommet Set (You can get these at Wal-Mart or craft/sewing stores)

First, take your scissors and cut a little hole in the corner. Start with a small hole...you can always cut it larger if you need to. Leave enough area that your grommet still has a little room to ‘breathe’.
Now it’s time to put in the grommet. Lay down the base piece, then your piece with the shaft on it. Put the shaft through the hole.

Put the top piece on , and then use the tool to hammer the pieces together.
These instructions should come with your kit. When it’s done it should look like this.

Do this to all four corners. Now it’s time to make the wire pieces. Cut a length of wire.

Use the needle nose pliers to twist the wire into a spiral at one end. It doesn’t have to be perfect! It just has to be bigger than the grommet hole.

Then take the pliers and ‘fold’ it so that the straight end of the wire is now perpendicular to the spiral. Make 4.

Now you have your anchors! Lay out your blanket and push the straight part of your new anchors through the grommet hole into the ground. Do this to all 4 corners. It is secure! Now you can have your picnic without your blanket moving!


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