Friday, July 18, 2008

My husband, the cyclist

So about a year ago, my husband decided to start riding his bike. But of course, this is Ross...he doesn't do anything unless he does it 300%. So now he rides his bike EVERYWHERE. Middle of a Michigan Winter? No mind, he will still ride to work, 16 miles away. He has a group of guys he rides with out of Velo City Cycles in Holland MI. (Best bike shop EVER, btw). The are awesome. Well...they convinced him it would be blast to go to Gratton Raceway and do the Wednesday night ride there. It is FAST. I sat on the sidelines with the kiddos and we listened as they went by at speeds that I only go in my car. I mean, seriously, it was actually loud when they went by! Anyway, the kids had a BLAST...and so did Ross. You can read about it on his blog if you want the full details. (Listed on the right). Of course, my whole night resolved around picture Ross says, I take a picture of every breath of life. :) So here they are on the track...the crazy bastards. ;)

And here they are coming around the bend...oh wait, the other group is coming. What was he thinking...I am trying to take a cool picture here! LOL

And here's the kids being goofy. They were adorable. They ran next to Ross every time he'd go by. Ross' friend Mike said he thought Davis ran more than they rode. :)

I should add that I made Haley's shirt. I LOVE this pattern. It is from ThatDarnKat. Bless her. My daughter is so skinny, it is hard to find shirts that fit, and this one can be lengthened SO EASY. I am thrilled. Oh, and if you are wondering, that's Davis' patch for his lazy eye. No, he is not going for a pirate look...he'd much rather throw the thing in the trash. I'm pretty sure the only reason I can get him to wear it these days is because I made it in orange.

So after we sat down to watch the race, Davis says he needs to use the bathroom. So, being the mean mom I am, I make him hold it awhile. I wanted to get pictures! LOL So after my husband goes around a bunch of times, I think, okay, I'll bring you the mile to the bathrooms. So what happens? As we are walking, my husband moves to the front of the pack and is leading the group. HELLO???? I don't have my camera for the trip to the bathroom!!! So of course, I miss the peak picture taking moment. You snooze, you lose, I guess. Here is another pic just to show you that I THOUGHT I had gotten some good ones, before I missed the best one. LOL

And then the storm came. :) So what did I do...I took a pic before it started to rain, of course! LOL


Luvkids334 said...

My Dad was a professional road cyclist, isn't it crazy how fast those guys can go on a BIKE ?

I just bought that very same pattern to make a Reagan an outfit for her B'day ;-)

Karin Schueller said...

SERIOUSLY? Wow. I am amazed by the entire world of cycling. The faster group was going like 35 miles an hour, and all I could think was that that is slow compared to the pros...and they were HAULING! :)

The pattern is super cute, and so easy! You will love it!