Thursday, July 31, 2008

VCC Rocks!

My hubby goes to a really cool bike shop. Not just a cool bike shop, a rockin' bike shop. These guys are awesome. This summer, they have loaned a tandem to Ross and Davis so they could ride together during a couple of the Tuesday Night Rides they have. Davis has LOVED it.

Well, one night when they got done with the ride, Davis said something like "When you're in a car, you can't really see anything, because you're going to fast, and when you're walking everything seems so far away, but when you're on a bike, you're just right". Well, Mike, at Velo City Cycles used him as a quote on their new t-shirts. Keep in mind, these t-shirts are a big deal. Once they are gone, they don't do another run. Sometimes people BEG him to do another run of a t-shirt, and he won't do it. Everyone loves these shirts. They just rock. Anyway, Davis is the first "local" to have a quote on one of the VCC shirts. How awesome is that? So here's the shirt...(in orange, since that's his favorite color!)

And below, here is Mike giving him the shirt. I don't think he quite got it at first, but as it started to 'sink in' he was feeling pretty good about himself.

When we were walking to the car, Davis said "Mom, I think it's pretty cool that I'm the first one with the t-shirt". Meaning, he was the first 'local'. I think he was very proud. So guess what my next purchase is? LOL I guess it's time for our family to have matching t-shirts. ;)

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Luvkids334 said...

Ok, that is just too precious. WTG Davis.
Bet your DH would love this bike