Friday, October 30, 2009


Last night we finally went to go get pumpkins. Last year we were slackers... got the pumpkins and then never had the time to carve them. So tomorrow... it is ON, lol.  If we don't Davis will never forgive me.  He actually wanted to carve them when I got home tonight and I was a party pooper. ;)

Prepare for picture overload...

How stinkin' cute is he??

Okay, now he's cute... but trying to be a hoodlum? lol Please note is not a hang loose sign, more of a "I love you" sign only crooked?

Awww, now he's sweet again. Hugging his sister!

And now he's trying to suffocate her, lol.

There we go. :)

Haley look so grown up to me in this picture.

And Davis, well, he's such a goof. He wanted to make sure you knew THIS was the one he picked, lol.

Yup, that's still the same pumpkin. ;)

This cracked me up. "Quick Mom, take a picture! The pumpkin is my head!"

Since we were at Post Farms, home of the best pumpkin donuts EVER, we had to get some. :)  Apparently Davis couldn't take a moment from the donut for a picture. Um, I don't really blame him, lol. They are YUMMY.

Still eating, lol. Haley's was long gone by this picture. ;)

And Davis took this one of Haley and I. I LOVE her smile here.  I just wish it weren't all fuzzy.  She is so beautiful it hurts. :)


MariaSoleil said...

We are the slackers this year. No pumpkin carving for us. Shhh...don't tell my kids!

ashley folkema said...

Aw, love these! Haley looks so much like you.