Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Reals???

Shut up! No way! For REALS?? I WON!!! Wooohooooo!!!!!

Okay, sorry, had to get that out. The other day I was having kind of an icky day. No real reason.... just feeling down and out. So I turned to my bloggy world for some perspective. :) As I went through my RSS feed I found my name in link form. What does that mean?? That means that I won a giveaway!! Woot! Suddenly I was smiling. :)

Some of you may know of The Vintage Pearl. Amazing jewelry... inspring blog... amazingly gorgeous children. :) I love reading her blog because it just makes me feel good, and helps keep me inspired. So when she does a giveaway, you know it's going to be a good one! And this time she partnered up with Alissa, who sells Scentsy. Never heard of it? Me neither! lol But when I took a look I was pretty excited! They have candle warmers, which I have seen before, and love... but they also have PLUG INS!!! Woot! How perfect for a smaller home, or for a room you don't want to have something out on the counter/table. So I picked the turquoise one... because, well, frankly, that is just the best color in the world. ;)

And just in time for those stuffy winter months. I got one scent WITH my giveaway (can you even believe that!?) and then I couldn't decide so I ordered one too. ;) I'll let you know what I think when it gets here. :)

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