Monday, October 5, 2009

Fulton Market

Yesterday was the last day of Fulton Market. For those of you that don't know... Fulton Market (the location) has been around for MANY years. My mother in law used to go to the Farmer's Market there when she was a little girl. It is an amazing little gem in Grand Rapids. It is an open air market where community just oozes with happiness. :) And about 5 years ago, a brilliant few ladies decided to start an Artisan Market there on Sundays. BRILLIANT!

When I heard about it last summer, I just HAD to try it. So I signed up to vend there one afternoon... and then went back a few weeks later. It is funny... I think most weeks the vendors (all 8 of us) outnumbered the customers. But man did we have a great time! And then Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood (of Craftsanity... the link is on the left!) wrote an article in the Grand Rapids Press. And one of the girls from the board put some information on Facebook... and the first day, we had a turnout bigger than some craft shows I've done. Big craft shows, lol! And this year I was there EVERY week. I didn't miss a single Sunday. And I loved every minute. I can't describe to you the amazing atmosphere that IS the Fulton Market. It just oozes creativity. And comradery. And just FUN! So today felt a little like the last day of summer camp. Lots of "See you next year!" and "I'll miss you!" were heard around the site. And I'll admit it... I will be happy to have my Sundays back, and my kids will rejoice when I unpack some of the stuff I've just kept in car permanently this summer (that I use for market). But really? I will miss my friends. So here are a few pics of my favorite girls...

Sarah R. She is my girl! We love to try to get booths right next to each other and chat the day away. Seriously. lol

Sarah C. LOVE this girl. She can make me smile any day of the week! And since we do a market together every Thursday too... it's a good thing we like each other, lol. Dee is another one that does both markets, and she is a sweetie too... but I had a brainfart and forgot to take our picture, lol.
And Merrie. I admit... I had a hard time posting this picture, lol. I mean.... I am such. a. dork. But she just cracks me up! She is always sticking her tongue out at me... giving me a hard time, etc. And you know I give it right back to her! lol Anyway, this picture just defines Market for me. JUST FUN! I'll miss it... but maybe next year (if you are local) you could come and see me there! ;)


ashley folkema said...

Wish I would have been able to make it down. Glad you had a wonderful time! :)

pamelama said...

Awwww, sounds like you really enjoy it there. Wish I was closer to come see for myself! Congrats on the larger crowds too.

I love that last picture! It's says more than any others. :) Thanks for posting it.

Sarah Jo said...