Friday, October 30, 2009

Costumes and Pumpkins

So last night, my sister calls me.  Her son chose to be Harry Potter... and she had found the robe on Craigslist. Perfect right?  Then the person with the robe kept pushing her off. Her kids had the flu. She couldn't get together. That was two weeks ago. So my sister waited. She got another email... but still no meeting time.  So last night, she was in panic. She had the glasses... she had the scarf. But no robe. HP needs a robe! Aunt Karin to the rescue!! So we met at the local fabric store at 8pm and I went right home, nephew and sister in tow, to make a robe. I would in NO way say it was perfect, but it worked. ;) 

Is he not a perfect Harry Potter?  It was an interesting evening, quickly sewing it up... but it was worth it to see that smile. :)  I had already finished up Haley's costume earlier in the evening. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!)  Then when my nephew left I decided that I couldn't spend more time on his costume than Davis'.  Davis had chosen to re-use his Spongebob costume from a few years ago... but I decided I could add a few things to it. :)  Hmm... what to do. What to do. The Krusty Krab hat?  I think so!

Okay, I know. It's kind of lumpy.  But have you ever seen the episode where spongebob stuffs the inspector in his hat?  Just pretend that you're watching that episode. ;)  The important thing is that Davis was surprised, and happy. I think he felt special to add something to his costume. :)  This pic is of him at his school party.  Then I went down to see Haley...

My sweet little 50's girl. :)  Is she not just gorgeous?  I'll admit... it was a little weird to go down to her classroom. She is in 6th grade, the oldest in the school.  The parents that planned the party brought prizes, etc. They ran it, and when I was in there, the teacher didn't leave his computer. Before now, all of her teachers have been 'involved'.  I just felt like she was suddenly all grown up. Next year is going to be tough. On me. lol

I also just had to share this. These were posted all over the place, and it just kind of made me giggle. When I was a kid, it was basically "Suck it up and go to school!" lol. Now it's, PLEASE don't get everybody else sick!!!  Haley has already been absent like 5 times. :(  Two of those were for dentist/doctor appointments, but still. Should be interesting to see how many absent days she has at the end of the year!

So then we had to run out to the car... in the rain. Here's Davis and I all wet from running to the car. Haley waited inside. Smart girl. ;)

So since it was raining, we decided to carve pumpkins tonight.  For the first time, someone besides me helped gut one of them. WOOHOO!! Ross is not a fan of doing that part, so I always volunteer. Haley decided to give it a go...

This year they both carved it out themselves. I was pretty impressed! They drew their pictures and then did the rest.  All I did was smile and take pictures. It was awesome.

Davis' masterpiece.

Such concentration.

I think they did a great job, don't you?  I swear, they are getting so big. I know, I am such a cliche.

Just realized that i have no idea if I have candles for the inside...

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