Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to Business

Yesterday I did a little show to benefit the Alzeimer's Association. Ross' Grandmother was diagnosed with the disease when we were first married, and died just a few years later. I feel sad that I never really got to know her that well, since I think we would have gotten along. She was a mad pie maker, like myself. ;) Anyway, it was nice to do a show to benefit something dear to my heart. AND check out what was on my table when I arrived! I mean, a THANK YOU for participating? NICE!

My set up... I honestly couldn't believe I fit this all in such a small spot. Man, I am getting good at that, lol. ;)

I ended up doing fairly well at the show... thanks to some WONDERFUL vendors! :) I think we were the only people in Michigan NOT watching the Michigan/Michigan State game... and therefore, the crowd was, well... non existent, lol. Luckily some of the other vendors did some Christmas shopping. I also did some AWESOME bartering. Gotta love getting your favorite make-up in trade for a purse! Woot!

So I was in a pretty good mood when it was time to pack up. Life was good. I made some cash... I did some trades. When I went to get the car and move it toward the door, well... my smile vanished. I had left my lights on. All. Day. Long. Do you think anyone has jumper cables in their car? Noper. So I called my best friend and her hubby, who live blocks away... forgetting that the game was still on. I might not get a Christmas present this year, lol. I called JUST as the game went into overtime. Luckily, we found some jumper cables and they didn't have to come to the rescue. ;) But a note to self... never call when the game is on! ;)

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A Little Of A Lot said...

Sorry about the car, but it gave me a little chuckle.
Your set up is awesome, want to come down and do mine in a couple of weeks ? ;-)