Sunday, November 16, 2008

Have you started yet?

Holiday shopping, that is. Can you believe we are like 40 days away from Christmas? I am already about 1/4 done with my shopping! (You've gotta love Craft Shows!) Since I'm so ahead of the game, I thought I'd help all of my wonderful readers and do a gift guide. Check out these awesome etsians..

CatherineMarissa has GORGEOUS jewelry. I know, there is a ton of jewelry out there. But she actually went to school to learn to do it right! I own two pairs of her earrings, and I love them. I have another pair on the way!

LydiaLayne is another site that I love for jewelry. I have been eyeing this necklace for months...

If you've been reading this blog at all, you know I love LittleBitFunky! She has these awesome towels...I have two sets. I couldn't resist. What a fun, funky gift!

K Bella Bambino has amazing children's clothes. She makes me wish my daughter were 5 again, and I could just dress her up in these little skirts!!!

Then there is Allikayesmama, who makes these adorable blocks. Here we have the Christmas version, but she does ADORABLE custom names, too! What a great gift for a baby's nursery!! Or your last name to put on your side table. Too cute!

And who wouldn't want a monkey from The Monkey Shop? I swear, I have not met a person yet, adult, baby or child. I do shows with Dulce, the creator of these monkeys, and EVERYONE wants one! I have never heard so many squeals!!

And here is one for the tween scene... vmdesigns. Amazing how she can take a scrabble tile and make it that girly! I love the extra ribbons!

And for any child in your life...I love these pillows! Someone in my life is getting one...I just can't say who. :) Go see The Giving Tree to order one of you own!

And last but not least...MariaSoleil, my favorite Paper Girl! After you package up all of those great gifts, you have to tag them, right? Here are my favorites!! She also makes AWESOME clipboards, so keep watching her shop for more fun stuff. :)

And of course, the best place to find stocking stuffers and presents is MY shop, silly! Happy shopping!


Luvkids334 said...

40 days ? that makes me nauseous. I'm so busy sewing up orders I don't have time to fill my shop or start on my kids stuff (great problem to have)
Thanks for featuring my pillow, that's pretty swell ;-)

Catherine said...

You're so sweet!!! Thank you.

Karin Schueller said...

Penny, yeah, what an awful problem to have, lol. I feel just AWFUL for you, lmbo. Kidding. I hope you have a surge of energy and get it all done so you can get your kids stuff done. :)

Catherine, you are so welcome!! I love those earrings.

tscrapper said...

Great items! I love the little girl's skirt and added her to my favorites.

Jessica said...

hi karin! :) it's jessica from the swap! i just checked out your blog and i love it and your etsy stuff! i can't wait to start piecing together your box ... i already have a few ideas. and thanks for etsy list ... there are some great ideas there!

have a nice day!

ps - would you mind if i put a link to your blog on mine??

JustJaynes said...

Thanks for including me in your list!

Crystal said...

awe thanks for mentioning me!! your kind words were just the sweetness that i needed right now! :) have a great night!