Saturday, November 8, 2008


It was so nice to not have a show today! I went to three craft shows on a day when I would usually be sitting in a booth myself. I was sort of bummed when I passed an empty booth at the show I WANTED to do today, but that I had missed out on because they were booked. :( Someone no showed and didn't call. I feel bad for the people around that booth at a show...everyone always looks at the empty space. :( Anyway, I found some pretty fun items today, and just had to share my big find. :) These girls have an etsy shop, but haven't put anything in it yet! I told them to get on it! LOL Their website is, just in case they start stocking it up. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you convo'd them with an order. :)

Here is my new advent tree...

The really neat thing about it is that they give you stickers to put on the back. They read things like the picture below.

There are also blank ones where you can write your OWN traditions! What I think is neat is that then you can personalize it, but it also gives you OPTIONS. You can put the numbers on as the days arrive...OR you can have all of the numbers on there and turn them over as that day arrives. How neat is that??

I chose a more 'funky' option...but they had papers for any decor. :) I think you should convo them and tell them to get on Etsy! LOL

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