Monday, November 3, 2008


This year was a pretty quiet Halloween for us. Every year I notice how few kids go Trick or Treating in our Neighborhood. Everyone goes to the malls, or a Church Harvest Festival. Though I can see how these things can be fun...I just love the old school style of walking door to door, seeing you neighbors, and "roughing it" through the cold, or sometimes snow to get that extra piece of candy. I think it's sad that that part of Halloween is fading.
Anyway, the kids have been asking to be Aang and Katara from the Avatar Cartoon for months now. They usually change their minds, but this year they were determined. :) I made their costumes, and Haley and Davis made sure to give their tidbits of wisdom. Haley knew that Katara HAD to have a water pouch and some 'water' for bending. Davis just said he was happy with the arrow on his head, lol. Here is a pic of the actual cartoon, for those of you "out of the loop". LOL

We never carved pumpkins. :( Oops! We just never had an afternoon to go get them, and then it just didn't happen. The kids were okay with it though. Next year we'll make sure we go early. :) I think I was just trying to avoid Post Farms (local farm where we buy our pumpkins) because they have the BEST pumpkin donuts EVER, and I'm trying to lose a little weight before our Disney Cruise in February. LOL

Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Has anyone started their shopping yet? I have about a quarter of mine done already! I love craft shows. :) I am trying to have everyone get at least one handmade item. Whether it is the bulk of the gift or not doesn't matter to me, but I just love to support other artisans like myself. :) I also think it really makes you think about who you are giving to, and why. I love that I am truly handpicking everyone's gifts, and not just checking off the list. :) So tell me your favorite handmade gift you have ever gotten...I'd love to hear!


Luvkids334 said...

You did a fantastic job on their costumes.
Did you paint Davis's arrow ? i jut realised he went all out didn't he ? even his head is shaved, LOL.

My favorite home made gift was probably a rubbing that Ben did for me.
For christmas Victoria is making me a collage of some of her photography.

I love to buy and give homemade too, I'm trying to think of a home other than my own for one of your gathered purses.

Karin Schueller said...

Yes, head shaved and all, lol. He usually has a pretty short haircut anyway, and does shave or buzz it in the summer, so it wasn't TOO crazy. :)

I love gifts from kids. :) Haley had a teacher in Second Grade that helped each child make a BAG of gifts for thier parents. It was awesome. Can you believe I was the ONLY parent who said something???

Oh, and you can never have too many bags. Not that I'm