Friday, November 7, 2008

Best Photographer EVER!

So I'm pretty sure I just found the best photographer in Michigan. ;) I love her. Ashley and her husband met us for a photo shoot downtown on Sunday. I just recieved the pics today and am THRILLED. Okay, I admit, I wish Davis would have opened his eyes more...there's some I LOVE of he and Haley that I just wish he'd open his eyes! LOL (Yup, he did it on purpose, lol). But I just love these pics. Ross and I have not had a real picture taken of just the two of us since our wedding. Yup, almost 11 years ago. And Ross says I need a picture of every breath of life, lol. We went out, had some fun and took some pictures. Have a looksie...

Here is our whole fam. I have to admit...we are pretty cute, lol.

I love my hubby. He is so good to me. :)

This picture is SO THEM! I love it.

After the shoot was all done, we were walking back to our cars, and Ashley caught this shot of the kids outside of the Gerald R Ford Museum. I just love it. Yup, I do realize I've said that after each pic, lol.

Ashley has an amazing talent for just taking pics of people being themeselves. Though it sounds easy, I know from experience that it isn't. :) There are some more pics, but I haven't picked one for our Christmas card, and I don't want to spoil it, lol. Check out Ashley's Blog for more pics if you feel like being sneaky. ;)


JustJaynes said...

Beautiful pictures Karin!

Anonymous said...

They are so good! Ashley rocks! I love the one of you and your daughter that's on Ashley's blog. Very cute!

tscrapper said...

Beautiful family photos! I agree that they all look great and would have a hard time picking.